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Simulation Mode

NO.15952 | Date: 2022-01-25 21:05:25

Greetings, Ballers! 

Let's start off the year with our new feature: Growth Mode!

Join me as we dig in further on how this new feature works.

Once you login, you'll get a Growth Mode package for free.

The Package includes the following items:

These items can be used as a head start for everyone.

Character Growth

What is a Character Growth Mode?

Similar to our Training Mode before, Character Growth Mode is a new feature
where ballers can play automatic matches 
and get additional
attributes and special motion skills.

Let me guide you through the other features.

UI & Functions

Match Play, Character Info, Character Switch, Coach Management Features are
located in the Main Page.

You can also check the ongoing matches, events, daily rewards as well. 

Then,shall we go check each feature one by one?

Growth mode can be accessed through the Lobby, at the lower right bottom of
the screen or via Character Selection screen.

[Lobby Screen]

[Character Selection Page]

Character Switch

In the Character Switch Page, this is where you choose the Character
you want to use in participation for Growth Mode.

Please take note that Characters switched to Growth Mode cannot
be used to play in usual 3v3 Match (Normal Match)

You will have to choose a different Character if you wish to play
a Normal Match while the other Character is currently in Growth Mode.


Be sure to properly read this before switching the desired character in order
to avoid any inconveniences.

Manage Coach

Coach Information: 

There are 5 coaches in total, and they have different Coach Grades.

Each Coach Grade have different number of remaining matches and abilities.

And if the number of remaining matches is down to 0, you will not be able to equip
the same coach anymore.

Coaches can be obtained from the Manage Coach section.

Find the Coach you like by using the Draw Ticket!

Coach Pack

*You can obtain Coach Packs by using the draw tickets you own.
*Each Coach Pack contains a random Coach with a certain star grade.
*Each Coach Pack Prices depends on the Coach Grade you want to obtain
*Obtained Coach can be viewed at Manage Coach and Character Info Menu

Coach Disassembling:

You may disassemble multiple Coaches and it will give you 
Coach Pieces that can be used to enhance your preferred Coach.

Please take note that the Coach that has been used cannot be
enhanced further.

Coach Enhancing

1-STAR -> 2-STAR Coach Enhancement

2-STAR -> 3-STAR Coach Enhancement

Coach Sub-attribute Changing

If you have drawn the coach you like, you can change the attributes by using the
Coach Sub Att. 

A user can only lock a maximum of 2 attributes.

Ticket requirement depends on how many Sub-Attributes have been locked.

Moreover, if you change the attributes, you won’t be able to recover the previous
attributes you had. So please take note of it.

Note: Card-sub attribute price will increase if there's any locked attribute
in process and only 2 sub-attributes can be locked

Character Info

Once you're satisfied on your Coach's attributes and Grade

This is the best time to equip it!

You can equip the coach alongside the character you want to
use at the Character Info Page.

You can only equip one coach for each character, 
make the best synergy by
equipping the coaches that will make the most benefit out of the Character
you have chosen. 
And you can also check the obtained attributes and the motion skill as well,
here in the Character Info Page.

Play Match

Now, you are all set, geared up and got your coach by your side. 
If you're ready, Why don’t try and start a match?

First, choose the court you like!


Other court requires a certain number of Growth Mode Matches before
you can unlock them

The positions and tactics have each strength and weakness.
And you can find out which position and tactic you would use in the match.

Try to set the best strategy and increase your chances of winning the match.


The more you know about the opponent’s strategy, the higher chance you’ll get
to win the match.

As an example, if your opponent is using a Positional tactic, consisting of C, SF, and PG. 

The current winning rate is 50%, but if you change your strategy.

The probability of your winning rate will go up

So choose your team wisely before picking your opponents!
NOW, Let's start the growth mode by using the match ticket!

The game will automatically be played and when your game ends,
you can review the game record.

First, click the complete button!

You’ll be able to find out if you have won or lost the game.

In each game, your character may earn or lose attributes
according to the game condition.

Let’s press the next button to check the details

The Match Details shows the game highlights, the Game Points made, and the

If you click the timeline button on the right top corner, you’ll also be able to check
the specific actions performed by each Character.

Complete Growth Mode

Once your character completes the growth, you can choose to switch your
Growth Completed Character back to the Normal Mode Character.

You just have to simply click the character you want to switch,

And click the Switch Button!

You have to decide whether you would want to remain the Growth completed
attributes and exclusive motion or to start over with the Default Attribute.

The Growth Mode will make your character more special.

We believe that the growth mode will make you enjoy Freestyle 2 in a different way.

So this is it for the introduction of our new Character Growth Mode.

This is GM Razak!

Thank you!

You can watch the highlight video by accessing this link:

- Freestyle 2 Team