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VS Mode Guide

NO.3089 | Date: 2016-07-06 03:06:19

VS Mode Guide
What’s up ballers! An upgraded Challenge Mode is now here. The new VS Mode
has been added to FreeStyle 2 today! No longer do you have to play against A.I.
Challenge yourself to real players to see who the best baller is!
Let me show you how to play in VS Mode.
[1] What is VS Mode?
1) VS Mode is a PVP version of Challenge Mode where you can compete against 
    real ballers.

VS Mode is open every weekend from Sat – Sun (00:00 ~ 23:59)

[2] How to play VS Mode

1) Click on the Challenge button to find VS Mode.

2) Choose a match you wish to play from the list on the right and create a game

3) You need one Challenge Ticket to play. VS Mode Tickets recharge every
few minutes but you can also buy them for 5000 points

4) You will be matched according to your VS Mode exclusive ELO points.
    All ballers start with 1000 ELO points and depend on your match result,
    ELO points will be changed.

5) Compete against the opponent until the Timer at the top of the screen is over.
- The baller with the higher score wins the match.
- The score system is equal to that of the original Challenge Mode.
- If it’s a Draw, there will be an Over Time match.

** Ballers who leave during the match will lose a large amount of ELO and no
    reward will be given.

[3] What rewards can I get from this mode?
1) All participants of the match get a reward.

- Winner’s ELO point will increase and will be given a Challenge Random Box.

- Loser’s ELO point will decrease and will be given +50 Point Coupons.

2) There is a ranking system for each different mode.
- Rewards are given to ballers that rank between 1~50.
- Ranks are reset every month and rewards are sent at the end of each month.

- The following items can be found inside each Box

** You only get 1 reward even if you get into the top 50 in multiple modes.

No.1 Challenger Mask (30D)
It is only rewarded exclusively to the best of the best ballers!