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All New Class Shop

NO.6335 | Date: 2017-01-03 23:37:43

Gain access to exclusive cool items and benefits in the new Class Shop System.

Collect AP to increase in Class ranks and reap in more rewards! Ballers who
have reached a certain Class will have access to the Class exclusive Shop.

Furthermore you will be rewarded with monthly Class Rewards /
Class exclusive titles if you reach a Class! There are 5 different classes
with each of their own benefits!

Check below for details on benefits on each Class and how to receive AP!

What is AP?
AP are points you must collect in order to upgrade and increase in Class.
Below are ways that you can receive AP points.
Method AP Reward
Use 15 Gkash 1 AP
Login 15 Minutes 1 AP
Use 1000 Points 1 AP

There is a maximum amount of AP you can receive per method

Method AP Reward
Point Use 200 AP/ Month
Login Time 8 AP/ Day
 Your Class will be determined and updated each month by how much AP you have
accumulated in the previous month.
** Class is updated every first day of each month **

Class AP Requirements and Benefits

Monthly Rewards
Check below to see the monthly rewards for each Class:
Bronze Class
Bronze Title (30D)
Freestyle Ticket x5
Silver Class
Silver Title (30D)
Freestyle Ticket x5
5000 Points
Gold Class
Gold Title (30D)
High class DIY material box
8000 Points
Card Ball x2
Freestyle Ticket x5
Bonus Mileage 1%

Platinum Class
High class DIY material box x3
Prism Card++ x1
Card Ball x7
Freestyle Ticket x10
Bonus Mileage 3%
Access to Class Shop

Diamond Class
Diamond Title (30D)
High class DIY material box x5
Prism Card++ x2
Card Ball x15
Card Sub-Attribute Changer x2
Freestyle Ticket x10
Bonus Mileage 5%
Access to Class Shop
Diamond and Platinum Class Exclusive Shop
Diamond and Platinum Class Ballers will be able to buy following items in the Class Shop
Item Name Item Info
Necromancer Set Class Shop Exclusive clothes
SP Vip Membership Pkg VIP Membership
SP VIP Card Ball Pkg Package of 50 Card Balls
SP VIP Item Ball Pkg Package of 50 Item Balls
Name Changer Class Shop price
Character Speciatly Changer  Sold Exclusively in Class Shop
** Platinum Class Ballers can only buy the Shoes of the Necromancer Outfit.
You must reach Diamond Class to buy all of the Necromancer Set. ** 
Here is the Exclusive Necromancer Outfit from the Class Shop:

Upgrade to higher classes and reap more rewards in the all new Class Shop!