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Card Recipe System

NO.9138 | Date: 2018-09-12 02:49:39

Want to make an All Star Card but the complicated system of the Card Creation is
too overwhelming? We can help you out!

This guide is made to help players to understand how to use the card creation
system properly for those who have a lot of cards that are unused and are 
lacking All Star Cards.
Legend Card  All Star Pro Card
An All Star Pro Card needs a total of 4 Legendary cards to be used in order
to create them. It is written on the boxes what are the requirements for each box.


"Remember to prism upgrade the card to be put in the 
Main Slot first before creating

"A blue exclamation will appear at the top right of the corner of
the cards slots if you have the corresponding required card

"Compared to a Legend Card, an All Star Pro card has its Main
and Sub Attributes maxed out (outside of one more prism
upgrade), so if you are planning to create an All Star Pro Card
out of your Legend Card.upgrading the card before creating the
All Star Pro card out of it  will be a waste of time and resources

The requirements will always require the Prism Upgraded Legend version of
the All Star Pro card that you want. There is no need to fully upgrade the card
before Prism Upgrading it. For example, to make the All Star Pro version of
SP #1 Offense, you need a SP#1 Offense Legend card prism upgraded and
some other cards to craft it.

Each All Star Pro card has a fixed card required to craft it, the second slot
always consist of any card with a specific sub attribute. Each All Star Pro Card
has its own required card, so be sure to check it out before deciding to create
All Star Pro  All Star World Card
Got an All Star Pro card and want to make an All Star World Card? Here is a
quick tutorial on creating a card.
Creating an All Star World Card is almost similar to creating an All Star World
card, but even more difficult! You need 5 different cards with two of them both
a Prism Upgraded All Star Pro card. 
While the All Star Pro card has max Attribute and sub Attribute levels, the All Star
World Cards has an additional sub-attribute for a total of 3 Sub-Attributes all at max