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[Top 32] 2019 Spring Season Crew Tournament Schedule and Match Ups

NO.10372 | Date: 2019-05-09 18:20:50

Greetings Ballers,
Check below for the match schedules and matchups for the 2019 Spring Season
Crew Tournament Top 32 Matches!
Asia Server [Schedule and Match Ups]
EU Server [Schedule and Match Ups]
NA Server [Schedule and Match Ups]


1. All participants must be in the Tournament Channel lobby at the exact
Event time.
2. Once you are invited to your crew waiting room, please invite your
teammates to the room.
3. If one of your team member does not show up in time, you may call a
substitute player that you signed in when you applied for the tournament 
4. If there are no sub players who can cover for your team and there are
not enough members to start the match, your team will automatically lose. 
5. No 3rd party program is allowed for this tournament. (If we detect such
programs, the crew will not be able to participate in this tournament
anymore and the violators will be suspended) 
6. Only a total of 5 mins preparation time will be given for each team to
prepare for the tournament match. 
7. If a baller disconnects during a match, the match will resume from
where left off. However if the baller does not return in 10 minutes and there
are no registered Sub players in the team, the team will be disqualified.
8. We will only allow two (2) tries for a player that is having technical
difficulties in joining the game.  If the player is unable to join on the second
try, we will advise the team to call on their subs or they will be automatically
disqualified from the tournament.


1st Place Winning Team Members:
30,000 Event Gkash 
+ Azure Star Training Zip Up + Pants 
+ Vmask +  FS2 Champion Belt


Winning Crew Members:

3 Card Balls + 3 Item Balls
+ Military Training Bag
2nd Place Team members: 
10000 Event Gkash + 10,000pt 

All Crew members: 

Cross Buckle Bag +
3 Card ball + 3 Item ball
3rd Place Team members: 
5000 Event Gkash
Top 16 teams
3rd Place)
Team members: 
5 Point Balls + 20 FreeStyle Tickets

-Team FreeStyle2