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New Character Camila

NO.14829 | Date: 2021-12-01 00:08:05

Let us all welcome the newest character and the fourth member of 3on3 Freestyle
Rebound Team; Camila!

Camila  a.k.a. Party Queen!

Hometown: Spain
Is it because of her dazzling appearance and charming personality?

Since childhood, there have been a lot of people around her and she has been happy with them.

Thinking about how to make more people happy, she eventually decided on her career path in
medicine and became a doctor.
Now Camila arrived in FS2 to dominate the courts!

It was her daily routine to give hope to patients during the day and to have fun with people
at parties during the night.

You get to choose +7 to any additional attributes as a Bonus for
obtaining Camila.

Camila has 3 passive effects that will really help you to win matches. 
1. Training Point: Get 20 training points when obtaining Camila
2. 3on3 Camila is here!: Selected attribute applies [+7] when the
  character is created
3. A.k.a Party Queen!: Movespeed increases by 6 upon character creation

Camila also has 3 Parts that will give additional attributes to her:
1. Shot Motion:
Camila's Jump Shot and Short Long Dunk Motions get slightly faster.
- Jump Shot Motion Speed Up
- Shot Dunk Motion Speed Up
- Long Dunk Motion Speed Up
2. Basic Attribute:
A portion of Camila's 'Training Points' are increased
- 3pt Shot Att, +4
- Middle Shot Att, +4
- Long Layup Att, +4
- Running Speed +4
- Tussle Att, +4
- Block +4
- Rebound +4
- Steal +4
- Stamina +4
3. Extended Attribute:
A Portion of Camila's 'Extended Attributes' are increased
- 3pt:success% +2
- Mid,shot: success% +2
- Long Layup: range +2
- Steal: motion +2
- Stamina max +2
- Stamina: recovery +2
- Move: Speed +2
- Manual Block: Range +2

Don't miss the chance to add this rare SPC to your collection!
Wanna know how to recruit Camila in your team?
Please check the link below for more information:

- Freestyle 2 Team