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Mysterious Glass Bead

NO.18564 | Date: 2024-04-03 01:54:36

Unlock Your Style with the Mysterious Glass Bead!

Harness the mystical power of the Glass Bead and watch as your wardrobe
transforms before your very eyes. Gone are the days of settling for ordinary
attire – now, you hold the key to crafting looks that are as unique as you are! 

Event Period:
2024/04/03 00:00 ~ 04/24 00:00 (PDT)

[Mysterious Glass Bead]
** If you use 180 "Mystery Scrolls" you can obtain a
FREE Premium Reward! 
(Free reward will be sent to Gift Box)

- You can obtain Normal Grade to Rare Grade outfits through the draw.
- Click the “Check Outfit Warehouse” button to see which outfits
you’ve obtained!
- Outfits obtained through Outfit Fusion and items
(except those obtained through the draw) will be sent to the gift box.

** At the end of the event, all outfit items in the Outfit Warehouse
will be moved to the gift box automatically.
* Step 1

1. Purchase Mystery Scrolls using the 'Purchase' button and draw 1 or 5 time(s).


2. You can obtain random Normal/Magic Grade outfits through the draw.

-  Obtain a FREE Premium Reward for every 180 draws!

*Step 2
1. Outfits obtained from the draw can be viewed in the Outfit Warehouse.
2. Click the "Check Outfit Warehouse" button to see the outfits you've obtained!

- Send the selected outfits to the Locker.
(***Note: Outfits sent to the Locker cannot be fused.)

- You can proceed to Fuse by selecting two outfits that you want to use
as Fusion materials.
- You can obtain a Normal to Premium Grade outfit through Outfit Fuse.
- The results can vary depending on the Grade of the item used as the
material, and the higher the Grade of the Outfit, the higher the probability
of winning a higher Grade outfit.
- During batch Fuse, the expected range of Fuse is not exposed.
- Material items used as Fusion materials will be deleted after the outfit is
- 'Fuse ALL' allows you to fuse up to 100 outfit items that meet the
fuse conditions you have at once.
- During "fuse all", the highest-grade costumes are fused, and if the
number of materials registered is insufficient, the outfits are
automatically excluded, and the batch Fuse is carried out.

*Step 1

1. Choose two outfits to be used as fusion materials.
2. Use Mysterious Glass Beads and click the "Fusion!" button to obtain one
item randomly.
3. Easily locate outfits by grade and/or part using the filter at the top.
4. Fusion results will vary based on the grade of the items used as materials.
The higher the grade, the greater the chances of obtaining a higher-grade item.

*Step 2

1. Try using the "Fuse All" button to easily fuse multiple items at once.
You can fuse 100 outfits from the ones you have.
2. Using the "Fuse All" button will fuse outfits in descending order,
with the highest-grade outfits fusing first. If an item cannot be fused
or there aren't enough to be used as material, it will automatically be
excluded from fusion. 
3. After fusing, you may choose to send all the outfits to your
Locker room.

Accessory Set Preview:

What is an Outfit Set?
1.  Outfit Sets are divided into "Transformation Sets" and "Attribute Sets".
2. You get an effect by equipping all pieces of the set.
- Transformation Outfit Set: When the match starts, the outfit changes according
to the time.
- Attribute Outfit Set: Permanently gain the Attribute bonuses given by the set.
Outfit Set Feature Description:
**Transformation Set Outfit Function:
1. Outfit change every 30 seconds after the match starts.
2. Outfit changes occur every time turns change between OFF/DEF.
3. Transformation characters change after their transformation is over and outfit
changes are applied only to the main character for switching characters.
4. If they have Back Acc, the Back Acc Ceremony will be unusable.
**Attribute Set Outfit Function:
1. When outfitted, the ability value always increases.
2. This is applied to the "Switching char" wearing the outfit set.

Monarch Outfit Selection Box (M/F)

Monarch Outfit Preview (M/F)

So, are you ready to elevate your style game to extraordinary heights? Get your
hands on the Mysterious Glass Bead today and unleash the magic within!
Thank you for your continued support.

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

~ Freestyle 2 Team