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Twin Shop Event

NO.12665 | Date: 2020-01-08 16:33:13

Hikari and Yuzuki wants to start their career in being humble merchants! They have
set up their shop now in the streets of FreeStyle 2, check out their wares and help
them out fulfill their dream!

Event Period:
January 08, 2020 ~ January 21, 2020

Event Mechanics:

Choose from the recommendations of the twins to acquire various limited 
premium items ranging from cool cosmetic items, to Legendary Freestyle 
Packages, to Legendary Wish Card Packages for the new Cards!

Purchase the Twin's Shop Ticket to draw from the Shop! Tickets can also be 
acquired from playing matches per day! Once you have acquired enough
tickets, you can draw from your desired Twin's Recommended Item!

Here are the contents for each Twins' Recommended Item pool:
Hikari Recommended Item 1

Item List:
Tree's Devil Wings: Speed +6 (30 Days)
Reggae Style Wrist Guard -1 (L): Stamina +2 (15D)
Reggae Style Wrist Guard -1 (R): Stamina +2 (15D)
Samba Necklace: 3pt Shot +3 (15D)
Yin & Yang: Middle Shot +3 (15D)
Bare Feet Boy: Speed +4 (15D)
Power Ring: Block +4 (15D)

Hikari Recommended Item 2:

Item List:
Dream Butterfly Title: All Attributes +3 (30D/Piece)
Diamond Class Title: All Attributes +2 (15D/Piece)
Platinum Class Title: 3pt Shot +2 (15D/Piece)
                            Middle Shot +2 (15D/Piece)
Gold Class Title: Speed +3 (15D/Piece)
Silver Class Title: Stamina +2 (7D/Piece)
Bronze Class Title: Pass +3 (7D/Piece)

Hikari Recommended Item 3:

Item List:
Pink Angel Wing 
Blue Butterfly Wing
Black Butterfly
Firey Wings of an Angel
Black Angel Wings
Steampunk Wings
Black Wing
White Wing
Golden Wing
Red Wing

Yuzuki Recommendation 1: 

Item List:
N All Star Pro Card Random Box
All Star Pro Wish Card
All Star World Wish Card
N_Legendary Wish Card Pkg
Allstar Coin

Yuzuki Recommendation 2:

Item List:
Lady First/Long Range 360 Two Hand Slam 2* Pkg
Poppin J/Elevation 2*
Fx Crown 2*
Fx Blind Fold 2*
Fx Gentle Giant 2*
Fx Under Leg 2*
Lady First/Long Range 360 Two Hand Slam 1* Pkg
Poppin J/Elevation 1*
Fx Crown 1*
Fx Blind Fold 1*
Fx Gentle Giant 1*
Fx Under Leg 1*
Fx Freestyle Legend. Wish Box
Fx Freestyle Rare Wish Box

Yuzuki Recommendation 3:

Item List:
Card Mover 1ea
All Star Pro Card Mover 1ea
All Star World Card Mover 1ea
Card Sub Attribute Changer 100ea
Card Sub Attribute Changer 30ea
Premium Prism Changer 1ea
Premium Prism Changer 10ea
Premium Sub Att Changer 1ea
Premium Sub Att Changer 10ea