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FS2 Account Transfer from Eurogamez to JoycityGames

NO.12914 | Date: 2020-06-25 18:51:20


Hello This is GM Luxor,
We regret that we must inform everyone that Eurogamez will be closing its service
soon. We know Eurogamez users might feel anxious about their Freestyle2
accounts, so to answer the most important questions, please read the FAQ

Q: Why should I request a transfer for my account from Eurogamez 
to Joycitygames (Gamekiss)?
A:  Eurogamez’s Freestyle 2 Service will be closed soon. In order to play the
same account with the same characters and all the items in your Eurogamez
account, We need your Eurogamez and your newly created account Information.
Additionally, since you will be transferring to JoycityGames, users should also
agree to the Privacy Policy and User Agreement of JoycityGames. Therefore
we recommend our users to request  the account to be transferred to
Joycitygames (Gamekiss).
Q: Will my game data be deleted once Eurogamez is closed?
A: Even if Eurogamez is closed, your game data will not be deleted. This
is because your game data has been saved in our Integrated Game Database.
Therefore, please submit an account transfer request even if Eurogamez
is closed.
We would like to guide our Eurogamez users how to transfer Eurogamez
accounts to JoycityGames (Gamekiss).

1) Register a new JoycityGames account at 

2) Go to Support

3) Press My questions and select Account at the Category.

4) Write down the information with the followings: 
Title: Eurogamez Account Transfer 

I would like to transfer my Eurogamez Account to JoycityGames.
Eurogamez account registered email address: Eurogamez registered email
Eurogamez account registered ID: Registered ID       
Character Name 1 from the account:
Character Name 2 from the account:
Character Name 3 from the account:
Eurogamez account information will be used to help users to transfer
the account and character info to JoycityGames. 
(If you do not agree with this, we cannot help you to transfer the account)
If you want to transfer your Eurogamez account to JoycityGames, please
type in AGREE, if you don’t please type DISAGREE or do not submit
the ticket. Do you AGREE / DISAGREE? 

If you submit the ticket, we will check your newly created account info
and your previous Eurogamez account information. It will take time to
check both account information. Every account transfer request received
will be transferred on our weekly maintenance.
We welcome our Eurogamez Users transferring to JoycityGames and 
we will do our best to continue the service as how Eurogamez has
given to the users.

(NOTE: This is applicable for Eurogamez account only)
- Freestyle 2 Team