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Account Integration Update (02/24/2021)

NO.13402 | Date: 2021-02-19 22:05:56

Greetings Ballers,
For our 2/24 Patch Update, an account integration will be in the process due to the Channel Integration, and the account level system is scheduled to be implemented.
Therefore, we are giving you a pre-notice regarding the changes that will be made due to the account integration.
Further details regarding these changes will be released on our 2/24 Patch maintenance.
Please check the upcoming changes below
1. Channel Integration
 - Rookie, Star Channel -> Scheduled to be integrated into a Regular Match Channel
 - Individual Mode conditions and creating/participating Special Team conditions will be changed
2. Changes made in accordance to removal of Character Level
 - EXP Coupon Substitution
> Previous EXP Coupon Item -> Point Item
> EXP Coupon possessing in the account
> Coupons in sale and exchangeable coupons in Shop, Event
- Character coupon in shop will be changed
- VIP / Sponsor / Peak Time / Burning Time / Golden Bell Item Feature Changed
- Item Level Displayed will be removed
- EXP related in crew / Growth Buff removed
- Achievement and Titles related to Level will be removed
3. Event Changes
 - Carry Bus Event will be Removed
 - Back to the Court – Return Event
  > Level related Phrases and Thumbnail Changed
 - Secret Shop Event
> Conditions changed
4. Ingame UI Changes
 - Character Creation Page Changed
 - Character Training Room Button Removed
 - Character Info Page Changed
 - Levels displayed in skill page removed
 - EXP display and numbers in Individual Mode Page removed
 - Levels and EXP displayed in Match Result page removed
- Level Display in Special Team Info / Rankings / Creation Page Removed  
 - Help Setting Pop up in match changed
 - Level display in shop removed
 - Level related features in Crew Contents removed
 - Level Display in Card Equip Page removed
 - EXP in Tutorial Match Result Removed
 - Tutorial Beginner’s Reward Package Changed
 - EXP Display in Training Mode Result Page removed
 - Gift Box Coupon Filter changed
We deeply thank our users for playing Freestyle 2.
Kindly check the details on our 2/24 Update Patch for more information.
We will do our best to provide a better game service.
Thank you