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Freestyle 2 Discord Community Guidelines

NO.16286 | Date: 2022-08-04 18:04:35

Greetings, Ballers.

Discord has to be the place where we can communicate genuinely, build
relationships, and have fun hanging out with our fellow Ballers.

Therefore, we'll be implementing our Server's community guidelines. We're hoping
for everyone's cooperation so we can maintain a healthy community.

Some of these rules are based on Discord's community guidelines and
terms of service, while others are more related to our Server's specific needs.

Respect Each Other

- Disrespecting Server Member

 (Insulting the server moderators or becoming belligerent after being warned)
- Do not harass others or organize, promote, or participate in harassment.
- Do not organize, promote, or participate in hate speech or hateful conduct
- Refrain from using Profanity
- Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others
- Do not use Discord for the organization, promotion, or support of violent
- Do not share content that glorifies or promotes suicide or self-harm
- Do not share real media depicting gore, excessive violence, or animal harm,
especially with the intention to harass or shock others
- Incitement
(Encouraging the breaking of rules, inciting others to be blatantly rude and
offensive, or otherwise promoting and/or encouraging conflicts between other
- Do not share content that violates anyone's intellectual property or other rights
(This includes links and discussion of illegal torrents, downloads, pirated software, music, etc.)
- No racism, sexism or discriminatory comments or images
- No advertising
(Please refrain from advertising products or services not related to FreeStyle2)
· Do not post false accusations related to hacking or Illegal Third Party Program
If you encountered suspicious players using an Illegal Third Party Program, you can flag them through the Report button located on the left side of your game screen
and the report will be sent directly to us.
Be Honest
- Do not share false or misleading information
(otherwise known as misinformation)
- Do not coordinate or participate in malicious impersonation of an individual or an organization
- Do not engage in activities intended to cause damage or gain unauthorized
access to another user's account, network, or system
(This includes impersonating Discord staff, distributing malware, authentication
token theft, phishing, DDOS, and other hacking or social engineering techniques)
Rule Enforcement
1. If a user violates or fails to comply with the aforementioned Server rules, he/she will receive a direct message from one of our Server admins as for their first
2. If a user violates any of the rules for the 2nd time, he/she will no longer receive a message and will automatically be removed from the Server. Permanently.
3. Depending on the situation, a permanent suspension may occur without
Thank you for your understanding and we're hoping for everyone's cooperation.
Stay safe! 

- Freestyle 2 Team