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New Character Team Elysion: Celina

NO.16585 | Date: 2023-01-18 18:48:33

Let us all welcome the newest character and the first member
of Team Elysion:Celina!

Celina is world-class model as well as a fashion designer.
She was very well-known as a model since her teenage years.
Many fashion designers were after Celina for their fashion shows,
and Celina went beyond that career to launch a high end fashion brand
named after herself.
To launch her brand, she chose the 'Ancient Lightning God's Temple Site' 
to host her fashion show. Upon reaching the location for her grand launch,
Celina was surprise to find a specific mark.
As if bewtiched by something, Celina touched the mark. At that moment, 
the sky turned dark and she passed out. 
The sky cleared up again and left a lightmark where Celina was standing.

You get to choose +8 to any additional attributes as a Bonus for obtaining Celina.

1. Effect of Celina's Passive 

Celina has 4 passive effects that will really help you to win matches. 

2. Transformation Abilities:
- Celina obtains additional attributes when transforming,
you may select the additional attributes based on your turns (Offense/Defense)

1. At the start of the match, Celina will already be in her transformed form.
2. The gauge will go down while the char. is transformed.
3. Transformation will no longer be available after gauge is depleted. 
4. Press Space during a match to cancel transformation. 
5. Transformation gauge will stop while the character is not transformed.""
6. As Celina keeps transforming, her transformation attributes will grow.
7. However, transformation gauge will be decreased more quickly as she transforms more often.
8. Transformation attributes can be enhanced up to 3 times.""
9. You can check and change the transformation attributes at Player Info > Character Transformation Settings.
10. Obtained attributes differ depending on the 3 transformation stages and awakening.
11. 5 attributes can be selected for offense and defense each. 
     (Left-click: Select offense attribute/Right-click: Select defense attribute)
12. Selected offense attribute will be obtained during offense turns.
13. Selected defense attribute will be obtained during defense turns.
** Transformation attributes may be adjusted partially during balance updates.

3. Transformation Setting:
4. Awakening Setting:

1. You can set the awakening time during ceremony while transformed.
2. Awakening is not available while transformed or no ceremony is in progress.
3. After scheduling, it will take effect in the next off/def."
4. Awakening duration will vary depending on the remaining gauge.
5. Awakening is available once per match.
6. When the transformation gauge is depleted, neither awakening nor transformation is possible.

- Awakening Setting Condition

1. The current character's state is transformed.
2. Current status is ceremony time status of ceremony time
3. The number of awakening times should be remains
4. The transformation gauge should be remains for more than 1 second,
** Awakening is possible only when all four conditions are met.

Celina's Screen Effect

- The transformation 'screen effect' can be turned off at 'Settings' Tab.
Celina's Character Ceremony Preview:

Celina's Character Exclusive Motion:

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Wanna know how to recruit Celina in your team?
Please check the link below for more information:

- Freestyle 2 Team