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[Freestyle 2 Developer’s Note] October Update

NO.11558 | Date: 2019-10-30 17:40:58

Greetings Ballers,

This is the Developer of Freestyle 2.

We always thank our users for loving and giving full interests to our
Freestyle 2.

All of the members in FS2 Team including our GMs had been putting full effort
to bring changes to the game. There were some difficulties such as High Barriers
for New users, Card Stress, and Balance issues, which made our game harder
to play. Therefore, we would like to make some changes and lessen / remove
some of the obstacles.

1. High Entry Barrier Relieved

We added a Play Guide contents that could bring the New, Returning,
and Light Users to easily adapt to the game. You can check the Video Motions
and Guide Descriptions for Rebound, Block, Shot, Screen etc by clicking on
the button shown at the Lobby / Piece&DIY / M.Ball / Locker / Char / and the
Waiting Room. (Play guide can be set ON/OFF at the Play Guide Screen)
We will be constantly expanding the Guide System to support users to adapt to
the game easily.

2. Card Stress Relief
Card Difference of not being able to reduce the gap had been influencing the
Play Balance. This has created a higher entry barrier and made some of the users
to stop playing the game. Therefore we will continue to reduce the play balance
gap by reducing the stress from creating new card decks.

This patch will be our 1st Card Stress Relief update, giving out
[Joycity’s Giveaway Package] and [Character Creation Package] and reduced the
Card upgrade conditions. In addition, we have included the Max number of cards
that can be disassembled at once from 100 to 500.

The Card Stress Relief 2nd update is scheduled in 2019 and will continue to
reduce the stress that our users have.

3. Balance Issue
The change to card difference will bring a different result to the balance, we will
constantly check the changed balance results and prepare a Balance Update
in November/December 2019 by utilizing various Data Types. Balance Update with
more details will be introduced in our next developer’s note.

FS2 Team is putting effort to bring a new change to our Freestyle 2 where users
could play the game based on their controls. We will listen to both good and
bad opinions, and ofcourse compliments are always welcome.

We will do our best to make a better Freestyle 2, and make our users to enjoy
the game.

Thank you.