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2019.12.4th Balance Patch

NO.11612 | Date: 2019-12-04 02:50:02

This is the Freestyle 2 Developer.
How are you guys doing? The Winter Season has arrived! 
And our last month of 2019 is here now.
We’ve came up with another Developer’s Note after our previous 10/30
Developer’s note.
Previously, we have indicated a few things about our developing phases
and our directions. In this November Patch, the developer’s note will be
regarding what we have thought of the changes made by our users from
10/30 patch.
1. Card Stress Relief #2
From our 1st Card Stress Relief (Joycity’s giveaway pkg, char. Creation pkg,
and the card upgrade condition removal) on the 10/30, we have decided to
give an extension to the events in order to give more users benefits from
the card stress relief. A lot of our users loved the 1st Act and we would want
to extend the period.
In addition, we have changed our Card Balls’ Card Reward Grades, setting
up the Legend Pro cards as the lowest Card grades that you can get in the
reward. We’ve also removed the “Enhanced Prism Card” Condition in the
main slot at the Card Creation page. This was made to provide easier
chances for our users to upgrade their cards to Allstar Pro Cards.
The chances in collecting Card Materials for Card Creation became much
easier  than before, and the removal of enhanced prism card requirement
would relieve card stresses that our users had.
We aren’t stopping here; the Card Stress Relief #3 is indeed scheduled.
2. Ranking
The biggest fun in PVP game would be Ranking, however, our Ranking
page wasn’t able to show enough to create fun activities, therefore we have
prepared a separate Ranking Contents Page to the UI Menu instead of a small
button which was placed next to the character.
Ranking page is divided into 3 pages, the MMR, the Record, and the Crew.
- MMR Ranking: A Rank that shows 100% of the users’ ELO scores.
> Previously there was an Added Value Points which made confusion to 
the Ranking page, therefore we have removed the added value points to show
pure rank, based on their proficiency of the game.
- Record Ranking: A Rank that shows the records in the Season.
- Crew Ranking: A Rank that shows crews with rankings based on the 
crew members’ MMR Ranking.
Each Ranking Season starts from the 1st day and ends on the last day 
of the month. The character registers in the Ranking based on 3 Matches 
played per a day. (the character gets excluded from the Ranking when the
character has not played or met the 3 matches / day requirement.
-EX 1) Users should play the following to have their characters registered,
1 Day 3 Matches, 10 Days 30 Matches, 30 Days 90 Matches 
-EX 2) Even if the character does not play after playing 9 matches in the 
1st day, the character will still be registered until the 3rd day of the 
-EX 3) If the character did not play 12 matches or above on the 4th day 
of the season, the character will be removed from the ranking.
-EX 4) If you have played 90 Matches in 1 Day (just an example) 
in the 1st week of the month, the ranking will stay even if you did 
not play until the 30th Day.
The Days will differ in which Month Season you are playing at, for 
December season, since we have 31 days, the user needs to play
93 matches to be ranked until the last day.
Please read the Help Page in the Ranking for further information.
1. Balance Patch
This balance patch is the basis of Freestyle 2.
The primary goal is to develop an easy-to-follow swing tactical play.
In the future, we will continue to make it easier and more efficient 
to play.
Based on the balance patch we’ve made, we will improve in a variety of
ways to gradually improve the particular positions with low winning 
rate and population.
To balance the various tactics, we will try not to make nerf patches as
much as we can. And solve the problems by buffing alternative and other
tactics and adding a number of interactive tactical events.
After the patch, we will gather opinions from the users through various
ways and continue to reflect it in the game.
Please support us and give us your opinion.
Thank you.
Detailed Balance Patch
[Mutual changes]
1. All Masteries Level 10 Applied
- When your character level gets up to 24, all masteries will open up to level 10.
- Masteries is one of the biggest impacts to the current Balance, changes
were made to have our users experience all masteries.
2. Attacking Time 24 Secs -> 22 Secs
- Reducing the time contains various meanings. A much speedier 
attacking style, changes to the strategy and method, restraining particular 
play style, etc will be made by reducing the time.
- However, there will be a huge risk if we reduce with a big amount of time, 
therefore we will be considering the time adjustments by gathering and 
reviewing the related data and the style changes made after the patch.
3. Paint Zone Deny Intercept Rate Adjustments 
- By reducing the attacking time, one of the things we were worried about 
was the Unintentional Nerf to the Swing Strategy. 
 We thought the play must not be stressful and too nervous, but must 
be speedy and smooth.
- We have first reduced the Deny Intercept Rate in the Paint Zone, 
to make 2nd attack and return play much easier.
4. Score Buff adjustment
- We have improved the score buffs because we believe buff-related systems
for light user care often adversely affected the current play method when 
the score is higher than a certain point difference.
5. Improved Post-up quick change skill (Timing Reliefs)
[Skill Changes]
1. PF
- Control Improvements, easier attacks are improved for Light users.
A. My way Dunk Focus 1 (Passive) Skill Added
1) Able to Dunk in a pivot, only Straight front dunks are available 
(but with lower success rate)
2) Straight Front dunk activates when F Key is pressed even without an arrow key
B. Dunk Upgrade, Dunk Focus given as basic skills
2. C
- We have reduced the applied tussle stats which made Screen Upgrade_2's tussle
 too aggressive and improved to show the true identity of a "Center"
- To enhance the pass play, we've given kill pass to C and expect the center to be
 in the central role.
A. Kill Pass Skill Added
1) Kill Pass: speed +12
B. SP Dunk Success% II, Dunk Focus given as Basic Skills
C. Shadow Block Rate slightly uplifted
D. Shadow Block&Catch I Skill Added
1) When Shadow Blocks, Shadow Block&Catch Skill activates at a certain rate.
2) When Shadow Block&Catch Skill activates the character grabs the ball.
E. Mastery Screen2 Upgrade Range reduced
1) If the physical check increases, the increasing range reduces
3. SF
- Based on the analysis of the overall balance data, we have determined that we 
need to improve the performance of our current SF.
- We've improved the ability to effective attack in swing strategy.
A. Quick Change 2 Skill Added
1) Quick change is possible in all directions when not moving.

2) Quick change can be activated in 90 degrees to the moving direction while moving

3) Unable to equip Quick Change 2 if Away Screen Move Skill is equipped.
B. SF Technical Shot Master 1 Skill Added
1) Drift shot can be used in a pivot

2) Backward to step, back dribble, Spin and Drive. Drift shot after Two Step 
and Fade away skill available after Technical Shot Master skill activates.

3) Unable to equip when Away Screen Move Skill is equipped

4) Reduced success rate and defense resistance when fade away skill made after 
the Technical Shot Master Skill.
4. SG
- Based on the analysis of the overall balance data, we have determined that 
we need to improve the performance of the SG in Swing Strategy.

- Improved to efficiently attack while using swing strategy
A. Quick Change 2 Skill Added
1) Quick change is possible in all directions when not moving.

2) Quick change can be activated in 90 degrees to the moving direction while moving

3) Unable to equip Quick Change 2 if Away Screen Move Skill is equipped.
B. Long Range Skill Given as Basic Skill
C. Tripping Prevention Skill Added
1) You may fall when colliding with an opponent character with high tussle stats,
D. Side Hop Step Mastery Skill Added

E. Crazy Step Improvements
1) At certain area if Crazy step is used while Drive Dribble, changed to have 
Drive Dribble to activate first. 
5. PG
- PG's position has been reduced in strategic parts.
- We will gradually improve the PG's Balance to melt into various strategies. 
A. No Mark Shot Skill Given

B. Diving Catch Skill Stat Added
1) Diving Catch: Fail↓ +12 Added
6. DG
- Improved the smaller risk in selecting Athletic Style Mastery than other
A. Added extra points in reducing Still Attributes
1) Level 1: Steal -10
2) Level 7: Steal -5 -> Steal -7
3) Level 10: Steal -6 -> Steal -7
7. SW
- Added Risk in Swing Man's Powerful Drive in when used in Strategies other 
than swing
A. Tripping Prevention Fail Condition Added
1) Tripping Prevention Failure Rate Added when colliding with a player with 
high tussle. We believe this single patch cannot show the full thoughts of the
path we're heading to. However, we would like to show improvements little by
There is no answer to the balance,
we will show the changes by opening our ears, considering and reviewing one 
by one to fulfill our users and provide a fun game play.
[Bug Fix]
SF Dash Rebound inactivated in certain condition is fixed
PF Dash Chip out inactivated in certain condition is fixed
Character’s Speed getting slow after receiving the pass from a situation when pass 
and still is used simultaneously is fixed.