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NO.7526 | Date: 2017-06-07 01:51:19

Greetings ballers. As you all have been expecting, this month is our 3rd Year
Anniversary! To celebrate, we are having many events and giveaways to
thank our ballers that have been playing FS2! Also the Wild Rookies have finally
come out! Check out these mischievous SPC characters today! See below for the
latest news and updates this month!
Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!
To celebrate our 3rd Year of gaming, we have prepared three giveaway events! 
Login during the Event period to receive the 3rd Year Anniversary Outfit and Title!
We are also giving out tickets for the new SPCs!
We are giving out alot of prizes for 5 lucky winners every 30 minutes during the
event period! Be sure to check when the Raffle's are happening as they are only
open during the specified event times!
Let's celebrate 3rd Year of FS2 with a 30% Chance upon Card Balls and Item Balls!
During the event period you will get a higher chance to get awesome items!
Play the 3rd Year Anniversary Ticket Ball! Collect tickets in the Ticket ball mode
and exchange them for the 3rd Year Gift Box! The Gift Box contains awesome
prizes and Wild Rookies Tickets!

The mischievous Wild Rookies have come to the FS2 courts! These new SPC
characters are some what different to our usual SPCs. You will be able to
transform to Villains and gain unlimited Freestyle! The Wild Rookies also
have a +50 Training Point! 
You will find the Wild Rookies in the SPC Vending Machine. The Package
contains a whoping [SPC Exclusive Cards, Skill Slot x3, Wish Cards x2]

AFK Boot system added
An AFK Boot system has been added to the game. If there is no key input
for a long period of time during a match, youwill get a pop up message
informing you that the game will close soon. You will be given 10 seconds
to move and if there is no key input, the game will close.
** The match will be considered as a loss for users that are on the same team.
The user that got kicked out due to AFK will not get any rewards for that match **

For a limited time only, the Special Skill Box is on sale in the capsules!
Step up your game with these special skills!
Equip your all new Wild Rookies with these Effect Freestyles!
You will be shooting Fire balls and lightnings for every single

Check out the all new Dreamworld Unicorn outfit in the item balls!