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Balance Patch 2019.04.24th

NO.10356 | Date: 2019-04-24 18:35:56


 Hello Ballers, this is the Freestyle 2 Developing Team.
We would want to thank all of our ballers for loving our Freestyle 2.We have read
the Survey Feedbacks and applied a small portion of the feedbacks in our new
Balance Update. We will continue to listen our ballers’ feedback and balance each
position’s strengths.
Skill Patch
A. Skill Remove
Application : PF’s Skill Remove – Steel Will
Intention : Even though the defenders had a good defense against the strong
dunks of PF, offense team PFs were still able to make points. However, when it
comes to scoring PFs, we believe that Still Will is an important skill for them,
therefore we have decided to put the skill in the Offense Mastery.
B. Passive Skill Change
Application : Passive Attribute 48 → 36

Intention : Reduced Passive values in order to reduce down the 
High success rate of Dunks.
C. Skill Adjustments
Application : Added Stamina Consumption at Hook Shot Pass and Jump Pass.
Intention : Due to the use of too many Jump Passes and Hook Shot Passes, 
it is showing that the offense players are having more advantage under the Rim.
Therefore we have lowered the high frequency use of Jump passes by adding
Stamina Consumption to the skills.
Application : Reduced 1/4 of increasing speed of the mastery skill 
“Dash move speed ↑”
Intention : We have adjusted the corresponding mastery skill’s speed because
we believe the Defense Range had been too broad due to fast speed in mastery
skills and high equipping rate of Dash Move Speed.
Mastery Update
The Masteries of C, PF, and CT positions have changed globally. 
Application : C, PF, CT position’s mastery placement and skill change
Intention : The selection of Masteries has widen than before, each mastery
has been clearly divided by the unique type to provide users broader selection
and give a chance to choose that suit one’s self and to consider own fitment.
Center (C)
We've mitigated a significant reduction in the initial attributes. We believe that
the burden of selecting and equipping masteries will be greatly reduced. Also,
we believe that compared to other masteries, the hook shot pass’s attribute
has been reduced too much, therefore we have decreased the reduction.
Please check the details through In-Game.
Power forward (PF)
We have clearly divided the Power Forward’s Offense and Defense Masteries
over the previous Masteries. In the offense mastery of PF, we have increased
the reduction in the block attributes more than the rebound reduction. Also,
Power Forward playing offensive tactics with defense mastery did not suit
our intention, therefore we have reduced the offensive attributes in the defense
mastery. Please check the details through In-Game.
Control Tower (CT)
We have mitigated the reduction values of CT’s initial attributes. We have set
and divided the Control Tower’s Mastery to show its uniqueness, Quick Lob Catcher
to become an Original (Rebound, Block) Big man, Floor Spacer to become a Scorer
(Dunk, 3 Points) Big Man, and Option Man to become a Utility
(Movement Speed, Pass) Big Man. Also, Dunk-at-Will skill has been added to the
Mastery Tree. 
Please check the details through In-Game.