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2019.05.29th New System Updates

NO.10409 | Date: 2019-05-29 01:25:28

Hello Ballers,
The following are the System Updates after the May 29th Patch!
Block Function Added!
Players can now use the Block Function in the in-game chat to block any
communication from toxic players. The block function affects the blocked
player’s Megaphone chat, Regular chat, in-game chat, and in the waiting
court chat. 
Please be informed that this function only blocks the communication
of the blocked character, it will not block the whole account of the
blocked character.
You can view the your blocked users under 
Messenger>Settings>Blocked User.
You can unblock previously blocked players in here.

Report Function Added!
The in-game chat report is now added! You can now report players for
their unsavory chats in the chat box!  You can block all chats including:
Megaphones chats, regular chats, and in-game chats.

Reports will be counted towards a person’s account. If you report another
character of the same account, the number of report count of that account
will not increase. 

Only the line you have selected to report will be recorded in the database.
If any users will falsely report anyone, we will be implementing a penalty
depending on how much they have misused the report feature. 

Megaphone chats can only be reported in the Main Menu, you cannot report
while you are in-game or in the court lobby.

Intentional Leaving of the Game Penalty System
We have added a feature to penalize players who leave the game intentionally. 
This is to prevent players who keep force closing the game when they feel like it.
When a person intentionally leaves a game, they will acquire Termination Points.
A person will experience varying penalties depending on the amount of Termination
Points they have acquired. A person will automatically acquire 10 Termination
Points when they leave a game.
Points Penalty
20 or above Cannot enter the room within
10 minutes of leaving the game
60 or above Cannot enter the room within
30 minutes of leaving the game
70 or above Cannot enter the room within
45 minutes of leaving the game
80 or above Cannot enter the room within
1 day of leaving the game
120 or above Cannot enter the room within
3 days of leaving the game
150 or above Cannot enter the room within
7 days of leaving the game

How to remove the Termination Points
Play Matches and complete them
-If you successfully complete one match without any problems, 
then 5 Termination Points will be removed from your account.

Piece and DIY System Updates
Better UI added in order for users to know what materials will be used up 
when creating packs or when opening devices.
Create 100 Secret Packs button added
100 Device Clear Button added

You can now sort by piece grade! 
Lock button is added to avoid accidental important pieces from being dismantled!
Easily locate craftable items with the Available button!

Character Creation Page
A new informative window will help players understand the identity of each
position and will help them with their decision in creating new characters.

Character Attribute Recommendation
Lost on what to upgrade? We got you! We now added recommended stats 
for players who are at lost on which attribute to increase.
The normal thumbs up means that we recommend adding
points into this attribute.
The burning thumbs up means that we highly recommend
adding points into this attribute.

Card Equip Level Changes

We are bringing down the level requirement for equipping cards.
Previous Level Requirements

Changed Level Requirements

Card Creation Level Opening
We are lowering the Card Creation Level from level 24 -> level 12