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2019.05.29th Patch Notes

NO.10412 | Date: 2019-05-29 02:19:02

Freestyle 2 celebrates its 5th anniversary this June!
We will be introducing various exciting Events for the whole month!
Come celebrate with us and receive freebies! Follow the Link for more info:

We have implemented various Quality of Life updates to our overall UI!
Check them out at:

The Green User System is now updated and optimized!
Players can now enjoy various benefits from free skills to Capsule Guarantees!

A World-class thief and a powerful Wizard from the Middle-Ages fused
into one body.Wherever they go, they spread mayhem and havoc.
Alice and Olivia has arrived in the courts of Freestyle 2, and they
mean business!

Check out the Queen’s Sandglass Event to find out how to acquire
them both!

Take part in the Queen’s Sandglass Event in order to acquire various
exclusive rewards as well as an Alice and Olivia level 40 Package!
The Queen’s Sandglass Event also features a new system which benefits
users the more Sandglasses they open!

Check it out now! Follow the Link for more info: 

These three Freestyle 2 characters are single and ready to mingle! 
Show your love by giving them Love Letters and you will be rewardedby various rewards
and more importantly, your love will be reciprocated!

Complete the given missions and acquire tickets to draw from the Drawing Board!
Complete 240 draws and you will automatically win an Allstar Pro Wish Card box!

The long-awaited Mega Pass returns for the Third time! Complete missions to earn
stars which will level up your Mega Pass! There are very handsome rewards that
can be acquired at set levels so don’t miss out!

Mega Rush is back! Acquire premium items to power up your character when you play!
Follow the link for more info:

Ferris Wheel for Free Event rewards players just by logging in and playing everyday!
Don’t worry about even missing one day because you can acquire stamps for
days missed! Follow the Link for more info:
Regular Prism++ Changers not cutting it? The Premium Prism++ Changer has
increased chances compared to a regular Prism++ changer! Try it and you
won’t regret it! Follow the Link for more info:
Be feared on the court like the T-rex as you suit up in this outfit!
This is the newest addition to the Item Ball!
Unleash the inner beast within with these Zodiac Masks available in the
Capsule Shop now! Power up you character with a SP Running and
Stamina 3 Capsules with a Special Skill Box to boot! 
Your purchase will not go to waste! Get rebates based on the amount of GKash
you have used. For the list of rewards please head on over here: