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2016.12.07th 'Rebound' Update Patch.Notes

NO.5303 | Date: 2016-12-06 22:12:09

Hello, Ballers!

Project Manager of Freestyle2, Lucy is here to talk about
our 2017 future plans and December update! <3
It is bit long, so please read carefully! (*wink*)

1. Central NA server!

Yes, finally! We are planning to move our NA server at the first quarter of 2017.
During this year, we have done various tests with many servers to find a new
server that can provide better services to our ballers. After extensive testing,
we are happy to announce that we have finally found a best server for NA region
users and are currently under way in preparing for the server move.
We will provide further details on schedules and specifics later in the future. 

2. More Tournaments!

In 2017 you will be able to see even more famous Crews and FS2 Star Players
compete in big matches! First of all we are planning to have one of our biggest and
renowned yearly tournament which is the 5 week long “Super Crew Tournament”.
Since this is the biggest tournament we have, we will be giving out exclusive prizes
such as the Zip-Up Hoodie and many more for winners.

And most importantly there will be “Real Money” rewards for this tournament!
We will also be preparing new kinds of exciting tournaments
such as an All Stars match where the great compete to be the greatest!

3. Future Balance patch

How was the December Rebound balance patch?
Please fill out our survey so we can make a better gaming experience for you.
We will also be giving out 10 Card Balls to 10 people who participate in this Survey as a small compensation!

Okay, now let's talk about December update!

> Ballers in the Rookie Channel will no longer be able to learn Skills with
   Lv. 24 Requirement or higher even if their Character Level is above Lv. 24.

> Skills that used to have an unlock level of 24~50 have been adjusted
    to all have a Lv. Requirement of Lv. 24.
    You will be able to learn all skills when you enter the Pro Channel!

The trouble every Baller goes through is in deciding which stats to choose to upgrade for your playstyle!
Now check which stat effects which part of your gameplay right inside the game!

The time taken to open items continuously has been reduced .

Tutorial for New player has been updated.

The crowds surrounding the court is turned off when you set your Graphic settings to “Low Quality”

¦ Playstyle Balance Adjustments

1. "Dash" playstyle

> Defending Dash playstyle has been made easier.

- Away Screen Move
  Teammate will no longer get a speed boost when an opponent collides with Screening player.
- Away Screen Move will not be activated during Screen Collision.



2. "Isolation" Playstyle

 > Defense resist of Dunks and Layups have been decreased to provide higher
feedback to successful defensive plays.

1.  Success rates have been increased during No Mark chances.
2.  Defense resist stats have been added to defensive moves.
       >  Defense resist against Standing Defense added.
3.    Success rate of Dunks and Layups are decreased when opponents
       use defensive moves.
4.    Defense Resist attributes effectiveness increased

 3. "Pick&Move" controls improved
Improves team play between positions and adds new offensive playstyles for Big man.

- Press [A] + [Direction Key] after using Screen to use Pick&Move .
(Pick&Move can be used if keys are pressed during Screen collision)

4. Rebound/Chip Out skill balance

- Chip Out’s Card Sub attributes effectiveness has been decreased .
- Rebound’s main attributes effectiveness has been increased.

5. ' Post Up Keeping' is now available only for Control Tower position

Small Forward

New Skill: Spin and Drive

This skill allows for new drive fake timing and various driving patterns

1. Press [V] Key while Driving to use skill

2. This skill can be used in either direction of the Drive

3. Collisions during Spin and Drive are the same with Dribble collisions

4. Combination actions possible
     >  Press [Direction Key] + [D] Key to connect with a quick Jump Shot
     >  [Direction Key] towards Post + [D] Key to Layup

Middle Shot adjustment

1. Middle Shot Success rate according to distance has been adjusted
      > The normal range of Middle Shot has been reduced
      > Middle Shot attributes effectiveness has been increased

2. Middle Shot Focus Skill: Defense Resist attribute effectiveness slightly increased

Control Tower

Attribute adjustment

1. Middle Shot +26 / 3pt Shot +12
2. Short Dunk -13 / Long Dunk -13 / Short Layup -13

Skill adjustment
> [ Middle Shot Focus III ] decreased to II

New Skill: Post Up Keeping
The Post Up Keeping skill allows you to connect with other moves such as Drives
and shots to provide various offensive strategies

1. Hold [W] Key when receiving ball

2. Combination actions possible
    a. Post Up Dribble ([Direction Key toward post])
    b. Turnaround Fadeaway ([Direction Key away from post] + [D] Key)
    c. Post Up Cut in Drive
        > While Post Up Keeping hold [Left or Right Direction Key].
        > Drive Fake with short key presses
    d. Connect Post up Keeping with Post Up Drive Fake or Backward Two Step

Hand to Hand Pass
Skill has been adjusted so that Hand to Hand Pass can be used while
Post Up Keeping or Post Up Dribbling

a.  Pass to a close teammate during Post Up Keeping or Post Up Dribbling
b.  Press [S] Key while Post Up Keeping or Post Up Dribbling
c.  Adjusted so Hand to Hand pass can be used while Post Up Dribbling

Post Up Drive Fake II changed to Post Up Drive Fake III

1.    Controls

A.    Post Up Drive: During Post Up Wind Up [Left or Right Direction Key facing post]
B.    Post Up Drive Fake Shot: While Post Up Drive Fake press
        [Direction Key opposite from drive] + [D] Key
C.    Post Up Drive Fake Pivot Shot: While Post Up Drive Fake Pivoting press
       [Direction Key opposite from Pivot direction] + [D] Key

2.    Post Up Drive Fake Pivot Shot mechanic

A. Press only [D] Key to Jump Shot
B. To Post Shot or Layup press [Direction Key towards post] + [D] Key
     (Jump Shot if not in Layup range)
C. To Post Reverse Layup press [Direction Key away from Drive] + [D] Key
    (Drive Fake motion if not in Layup range)
D. If [D] Key is not used this leads to Drive Fake motion

Swing Man

Backward Dribble
Enhance Drive patterns

1.    Press [A] + [Direction Key away from post] at beginning of drive
2.    Dribbling is possible after using Backward Dribble
3.    The Backward Dribble skill can be combined with [A] Dribble skills

Tripping Prevention skill improvement
Actions have been added when colliding during drives to enhance SW position

1.    While Drive Collision press [Direction Key] + [A] Key
A.    Press [Left or Right Direction Key facing post]: Side Hop Step combination
B.    Press [Direction Key away from post]: Back Step combination

Added skills from other positions
Add more ways to make shots for SW

> Added skills: Jump Pass / Floater
>Scoop Shot skill improved: The position of Scoop Shots have been adjusted

We are always looking to improve our gameplay for our ballers.
We hope this balance patch makes our game much more fun and competitive!
See you on the courts!

One ‘Training Reset’ and ‘Character Specialty Changer’ will be given to all
the ballers that log-in within the event period from 12/07 ~ 12/25 23:59 once 
per account.

Card Moving System is now added to the game!

Card Transfer is limited! So better choose the cards that you wish to transfer 

Check out this link more more details:

Try your luck in the card balls to obtain your desired legendary cards!

We have doubled the chance to get legendary cards for limited period only!


The unique training suits designed by Total and Sancay are now 
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Quest for the net as we open Crew League Season 6!

Enjoy crew league point x 2 during this season!


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