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NO.6339 | Date: 2017-01-05 05:10:55

 I.Class Shop and VVIP System Added
1.Class Shop
-The all new Class Shop has been added to FS2
-Reach Class level by gaining AP and receive awesome benefits
-Ballers that reach Diamond and Platinum level will be given exclusive access to the Class Shop
-Class Shop items include Package deals at low prices and exclusive item clothes.
-New exclusive clothes will be added every month
-Diamond Class Ballers will get their very own Match loading screen

** Please note that the Maximum AP Month/Daily is wrong ingame.
The correct Max AP is as below:
Max Point AP/Month : 200 AP
Max Login AP/Day : 8 AP

We will be fixing this issue in the future. We apologize for the confusion this
may has caused** 
Check out this link to learn about the Class Shop:
2.VVIP System added
-For those that are “Very Very Important”
-VVIP Ballers will be given more EXP + Point Buffs than VIP Ballers
-VVIP Ballers will get a total of Skill Slot +2
Check it out in this link:

II. Ceremony

1. 3 Way Ceremony 
-Now enjoy your winning ceremony with all of your teammates!
-This new ceremony can be found in the Ceremony Shop
2.All Ceremony Sale 
-To welcome our new 3 Way Ceremony, we will be having a 30% Sale
on all Ceremony Skills
-Don’t miss your chance to get this new ceremony at a low price!
Ceremony Link:

III.Dr. Isaac’s AI Match New Event

-Play against Dr. Isaac’s menacing AI Bots to win tokens!
-The amount of tokens rewarded is different for every AI
-You can trade these tokens for rewards in the game
** There is a Maximum amount of AI Tokens you can get per day.
Check below for details:
-Receive AI Tokens for Maximum 5 AI Matches/Day
-You can get unlimited AI Tokens during Fever Mode
IV.Lucy Box Sale Extended
-Due to high demand, we have decided to sell the awesome Lucy Lucky Box for one last time
-If you missed your chance to buy one before, this is the time!
-This Lucky Box is limited in amount and you may only buy it once per account

V.Last Crew League
-There will be a big update to the Crew League system next month
-This month’s crew league will be the last Crew League before this update
-This month’s Crew League score will be used to decide the ranking in the new
Crew League
-Details to the New Crew League will be announced later on.
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Four new Zodiac Heads to add to your collection! Check them out in the
epic coin shop!
The Riaxlion Hood and is in the Cash Back Event! 
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2 New Toy Sets have been updated for the New Year!