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Character Upgrade Feature

NO.13657 | Date: 2021-07-21 04:41:01


[Guide] Character Parts System Guide
What are Character Parts?
The character parts will make your characters’ upgrade. These characters’ parts
can be obtained in normal play events, collection events or in sudden events, etc.
1. Character Parts Application Range
- In our very first update of the character parts on 7/21. We have updated the Normal (Basic) Character Parts in our game.
- The Parts will be released from Normal -> Magic -> Rare, by time to time when it is ready to be released.
- Legend Character Parts are not scheduled or planned.
2. Application and Planning Intentions
- The intention of the character Parts is to alleviate and moderate the gap between the premium characters.
- Playing matches should be more meaningful. The more you play, the stronger you’ll be. You can collect more parts exchange tickets. and the effort will be shown to your character by equipping various parts 
- And by equipping parts, your character will be able to get a bigger possibility in winning over the characters that are in upper grades.
- The application is done to make the parts to be more manageable easily.
3. Extra guide for Parts
- Currently The character parts are only prepared for Normal Characters, therefore, Magic and Rare characters will not be able to equip parts yet.
- You cannot equip the same parts (2 Trained Basic or 2 Importance of Basic).
- Your parts will be permanently removed and deleted from the storage box if you unequip the parts from the character.


Parts cannot be shared to other Characters inside the account
Please be careful which Character you're using before redeeming a specific Part.
As of the moment, only Normal Characters can use Parts.
Magic, Rare, and Legend Characters are not included.

Character Parts can be accessed via User Info section.

- Once a specific Character Part/s have been equipped, the Parts Effect will reflect on the lower right side
- You can also check your Attribute Page to ensure that it has been successfully added

Hope you enjoy this latest feature and continue enhancing your Character's overall ability!