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Back to the Court! - Return!

NO.10450 | Date: 2019-06-26 02:33:15

Their popularity is too much that we have decided to give out these 
SPCs of your choice!

You only need to play everyday in order to acquire them permanently! 
Eligibility: Ballers who did not log in to the game for 90 days or more.
Event Period:
June 26 2019 00:00 PDT ~ 
Event Mechanics:
** Please note that you may only receive the returnee event once per account

1. Ballers who did not log in to the game for 90 days or more are eligible to use
the Level 50 7D trial version of one of the Green Skill Bikers SPC
(Thomas, Marion and Gonzales) or Moonlight Creed’s Haze and Rain.
2.In the Character Selection Screen, the returnees will have
“Borrow the Ultimate Character Prepared for You” button.
3.“Back to the Court! Return!” event screen will appear once you clicked the
“Borrow the Ultimate Character Prepared for You” button.

4. Select the SPC you wish to receive.
5. In the Character Creation Screen, Returnee is indicated in the left 
upper corner of the screen.

6. Pop Up confirmation screen will appear and click “OK”.
The Trial Version of this SPC comes with terrific items and benefits!

1. SPC Character Card Deck
2. The Next Best Cards
3. 4 Free Skill Slots
4. Freestyle Tickets
5. Full Set of Outfits
6. Masteries Unlocked
7. Shop Exchange tickets

Returnee Benefit Character : Character Creation Screen

Returnee Benefit Character : Card Book Screen

Returnee Benefit Character : Mastery Screen 

Returnee Benefit Character : Locker Room
Trade your Shop Exchange tickets to rare items in the Ticket Item Shop.
Do you want to extend your Trial period? 
You need Stamps to extend your trial duration of a day!
1 Stamp = 1 day extension.

Collect stamp by just playing matches daily!
Returnee’s Daily Mission:
1. Play 1 Match and get 1 stamp.
2. Play a total of 3 matches and get 1 more stamp.
Do you want to use this character permanently together with all the benefits?
Collect 30 Stamps!
What are you waiting for?
Return to FreeStyle2 court now!