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FS2 Global League : Vietnam & Indonesia Application Form

NO.11585 | Date: 2019-11-19 23:36:10

We know you are excited to show off your skills to the rest of the World and
to prove your supremacy! Here are the details for the Global League Application!

*Please kindly read the application rules carefully.

Application Link:

Application Period: 11/20 - 11/26 23:59 (PST)

Brackets Brackets will be uploaded by Dec 2nd

Brackets may be uploaded before or after the
scheduled time and date.
League TOP 8 : WIN 1 MATCH

** All Games will be Played in 1 Day, if your team fails
to show up, your team members will not get the
chance to apply for the next FS2 Global League.
December 5th

Hanoi Vietnam, Western Indonesian Time: 8:00P.M.

Server Time : 5:00AM (PST)
Requirements 1. Team leader should apply for the team and submit the
application with the team members’ information, once
the application is sent all team members should not apply
in another team.

2. If the team needs changes to the application, the team
leader should use the “Team Adjustment” time between
11/30 00:00 to 12/01 20:00 (PST) and send the final
adjustment to The GM
will reply the team leader back when the GM has confirmed
the Team Adjustment Mail sent by the Team Leader.

GMs will try to check the email as many times as possible
during the “Team Adjustment” Period, and help the team
to adjust their teams.

However, GM does not take the responsibility for the
adjustments email sent before or after the Team
Adjustment Period.

3. Each character that is registered in one of the FS2
Global League Teams is not allowed to apply for other
countries during the same FS2 Global League.

4. Please do not change your Character name once you
have applied for this Global League.

Changing your character name will lead you to lose your
chance to play in the league, moreover, if your character
name has been changed during the Global League, your
name may be missed  out in the Rewardee List.

GMs and FS2 Team does not have the responsibility of
you losing the chance to win the Rewards if you have
changed your Character Name.

***If your Teammates do not show up on the League Day
and before the match time. All of your team members
will lose by default as a result, and will not be able to
participate in the next FS2GL as penalty. Please be sure
to show up on time.
How are
First Come First Serve.

Teams with 3 Main Players and 1 Sub Player
(4 Members in Total)

(It is not necessary that each team members
belong to the same crew, Join with your friends!)

Note: Team Name must have maximum of 8 characters in length and Team Members must be from Vietnam and Indonesia to participate. If we found out that some of the Team Members are not from those countries, the application will be denied.

Event Rules 1.All participants must be in the Tournament Channel lobby
at the exact Event time.
(Time for each match will be announced later)

2.Once you are invited to your team waiting room, please invite
your teammates to the room.

3.If one of your team member does not show up on time,
you may call your substitute player that you signed in when
you applied for the FS2GL

4.If there are no sub players who can cover for your team
and if there are not enough members to start the match,
your team will lose automatically.
***However, if the match is a Top 8 Match, the Team No.9
will get the chance to participate the Global League.

5.No 3rd party program is allowed in the league.
(If we detect such programs, the team will not be able to
participate in the tournament anymore and the violators
will be suspended)

6. Only a total of 5 mins of preparation time will be given for
each team to prepare for the tournament

7. Only the Team Leader can write an application for
this league.

8. If your Teammates do not show up on the League Day
and before the match time. All of your team members will
lose by default as a result, Please be sure to show up on

9. In the event that a team member is absent to the league,
we will forbid the missing member's account from joining
the next tournament as penalty.

10. If a baller disconnects during a match, the match will
resume from where the match hasbeen left off. However
if the baller does not return in 10 minutes and if there is
no other registered Sub players in the team, the team will
be disqualified.

11.We will only allow two (2) tries for a player that is having
technical difficulties in joining the game. If the player is
unable to join on the second try, we will advise the team to
call on their subs or they will be automatically disqualified
from the FS2GL.

12. Ballers who are under investigation for hack are not
allowed to join the tournament. We will advise the team
leader to change the team member if in any case the user
is found in the application.

13. Players may change their Skill Set/Equipped Outfits before
and after the match. Players should not quit the game
intentionally to take an advantage to change their Character
Set-up. We will not allow a player or a team to change their
Equipped Skills if a player has been disconnected.

14. If we found out that any of their members used a different
 Character that is not registered to their team roster, the
said team should be disqualified from the Tournament.

** Event details may change depending on the situation.

Champion Rewards:

**Winning Team will be written at the back.
** The design of the back may change due to the length of the Team Name.

Complete Tournament Rewards will be posted during the
November 27th Maintenance