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Free2Land's Uproar Event

NO.11592 | Date: 2019-11-27 16:15:58


Greetings! FREE2LAND is back with more exciting rewards!

For those who have participated before, the Events are the same.

Complete quests to acquire coins that you can use to exchange for 
rare items!

Note: Make sure to hit the "receive" button to acquire the coins after
completing the mission! Just by logging in and playing several matches,
you will automatically be part of the event!

Accumulated number of matches played & Login time Event has a
corresponding coin rewards!

Guess your opponent's last score digit by clicking a specific number on 
the selection provided. For non-VIP players, you can only choose 1 number
and 3 for VIP members. Don't forget to hit "Save".
Coin rewards for prediction: 10 Coins for successful prediction and 1 Coin
for failed prediction.
Maximum coins that a player can acquire per day is 100.
Predictions will remain the same throughout the event unless you
decided to change it.
You can exchange coins for various consumables! Just visit the Event Shop.

Ferris Wheel Event is back! Login and Play to get stamps to claim the reward for the day!


Unlock Event

For every team/individual match you finish or every hour you stay logged in,
you will earn Box Keys.
10 Keys for every match (Maximum 10 Games per day) = 100
20 Keys for every hour logged in (Maximum of 5 hours per day) = 100 
Total of Box Keys that can be acquired per day: 200
- Box Keys can be used to Open or Upgrade the Box
- Each Box has a corresponding rewards and you can get one of the
items listed randomly.
** Once you have chosen specific box, the box level will reset to the
lowest Box Grade.
** You won't be able to claim any rewards after the event period so
make sure to spend Box Keys on time!
Wait, there's more! If you have collected a huge amount of FS2 Coins,
you may also use it to redeem S+ Rewards!

Don't forget to check your Mission Progress to make sure that you have
received all FS2 Coins for the day!