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FS2's 8th Birthday!

NO.16168 | Date: 2022-05-18 15:31:44

It's the time of the year once again~

This marks our 8th Anniversary and we would like to thank everyone for your undying support!

We hope you'll love the Events we have prepared for all of you as much as we do!

1. Welcome Package 

Aside from the Events we have prepared, ALL users will get
8th Anniversary Package by simply logging in!

Once claimed, it will be delivered in your Gift Box.

The 8th Anniversary Package contains the following items:

- Legendary Wish Box *1
- High Level DIY Box *1
- Premium Sub-Attribute Changer *1
- Item Ball *3
- VIP Membership Coupon - 15-Days

Along with the 8th Anniversary Package, you should also check our Infinite Town section!

*Can be accessed through the Event page at the Lobby

Infinite Town consists of various Events we have prepared for our 8th Anniversary!

- Start Up Dash
- Coin Shop
- Draft Event
- Weekly Match Event
- Login Time Event
- 25-Day Check-in Event

Be sure to check out each Event and complete necessary missions in exchange for awesome rewards!

In need of Coins?

8th Anniversary Weekly Event is up!

2. Weekly Matches Event

Event Period:

05/18/2022 00:00 ~ 06/21/22 23:59 (PDT)

Event Mechanics:

- Obtain Coin reward per day after completing at least 3 Matches
- Bonus Coin reward will be given if you have accumulated 3 Days of Event completion
- Rewards can only be redeemed once per day and will reset at exactly 00:00 (Server Time)
- Weekly rewards will reset every Sunday at 00:00 (Server Time)
- You may check your accumulated Infinite Coins at the 8th Anniversary's Coin Shop

3. 25-Day Check-In Event

Lack of Coins?

8th Anniversary's 25-Day Login Event is here to help!

Event Period:

05/18/2022 00:00 ~ 06/14 23:59 (PDT)

Event Mechanics:

- Simply log into the game and get corresponding coins for each day
- Rewards will be sent to Gift Box once attendance is confirmed
- Accumulated attendance resets on the 1st day of the Month
- You may check your Coin balance at the 8th Anniversary's Coin Shop

4. Login Time Event

Did you just say Coins? Well we have tons of it just for you!
Event Period:
05/18/2022 00:00 ~ 06/21/2022 23:59 (PDT) (Server Time)
Event Mechanics:

- As soon as you log in, your time starts accumulating
- Accumulate certain amount of login time and Infinite Coins reward can be claimed
- The longer you stay logged in, a much higher amount of Infinite Coins will be given.
- You may check your Infinite Coin balance via 8th Anniversary's Coin Shop

- Freestyle 2 Team