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Newbie Exclusive Event Improvement

NO.16170 | Date: 2022-05-18 15:56:04

Hello there, Newbies!

These are the events and awesome rewards waiting for you!

Note: Users who created the account starting from
May 18, 2022.

1. Golden Bell Chime of Trust

The Great Savior of the East - Nari is back here to dominate the FS2 Courts!

She's definitely worth the wait!

Event Period:

05/18/2022 00:00 ~~

Event Details:

SPC Introduction:

Team Name: Team Savior
Name: Nari

- Purchase Oracle (Event Ticket) by clicking the + button

- Use your Event Ticket to participate in the "Golden Bell of Trust' Event

- Rewards may vary depending on the Bell that you have pulled on every draw

- You will earn Mileage Points for every draw and you can use them to
exchange various items through the Mileage Exchange section

- Check the Character's information by
clicking the upper left button of the Event Page

- For more information, you may visit the Event Help section

It's time to draw now!

2. My Pick Event

Win prizes that's decided by none other than you!

Participate now in our new My Pick Event.

Get to choose from a variety of prizes and pick those you truly desires.

Event Period: 

05/18/2022 00:00 ~~

Event Mechanics:

1. From the PICK! PICK! are on the right, pick you reward.
2. Once you select the rewards that you want, you can begin the gacha.
3. If you are having a hard time picking what you want, click the "Auto Select"
4. The selected rewards can be canceled and re-selected at anytime
5. The obtained items will be sent to your gift box.

You cannot use the purchased curreny when the event period ends.

Let me guide you on how this thing works.

First, pick your desire items from your right.

These are your choices and take note that every ball type has a limited
number of items.

Better think it carefully before placing those items.

Before you can play the Gacha Machine you need buy first the Pick Coin.

See the prices below:

There are two types of placing your desired items on the Gacha Machine:

Manual Selecting

Auto Selecting
(Take note that you must wait for 5 seconds before you can click the auto select button again)

In every draw, you will receive a Mileage Coin to exchange various items including
the Legendary SPC Coupons and Character Parts.

Oh did we mention that Legendary SPCs are included?

Luck will play a big role on this so better make every coin counts.

Now that you have finished picking your items whether you choose them manually
or automically. 

It's time fo play the Gacha Machine. Goodluck mate!

- Freestyle 2 Team