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Basketball League

NO.16192 | Date: 2022-06-15 10:50:01

Hello, Ballers!

In commemoration of our 8th Anniversary update, here comes a revamped in-game
feature that will surely take the competitive scene in FS2 Court to another level!

You got game? Step up your game and show them what you got!

Thrilling rewards are waiting for you and your team!

Event Period:

06/15 00:00 ~ 07/12 23:59 (PDT)

Event Mechanics:

Basketball League section is located at the Lobby section of Regular Channel or via waiting room (Lobby Court)

*Not available in BZ Channel

Once accessed, the Basketball League interface will appear.

There are 3 Strategic Maps to choose from:

- Western Back Street
- Eastern Intersection
- Southern Redevelopment Area

*Based on the user's average ELO rating, suggested Map may vary.

How to participate?

Simply for a team of 3 Users and wait for any available
opponent teams to play with, then select "Challenge"

Event Information

Step 1. During the event period, participate in Basketball League every day.

Step 2. You can exchange the acquired badge for various items.

If you win once on the regular channel, you will be able to challenge the basketball league.

The average ELO of the team members identifies the area that can be entered, and the buttons on the non-entry areas are disabled.

(Each team member's ELO is calculated as the highest ELO score among the same position characters in the account.)

Even if your ELO is changed, you can maintain a series of wins in the same area.

Match Rewards:

Users will receive 4 Badges per win
Users will receive 3 Badges per match loss

*Accumulated Badges can be used to exchange various League rewards

Reward Guide:

For this month's Basketball League, we'll be giving the exact same rewards for
ALL USERS across 3 Servers regardless of which specific Strategic Map
you've played for.

- Freestyle 2 Team