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Draft System Update

NO.16365 | Date: 2022-09-14 14:09:29

Here comes a better twist for our Draft System!

How to Participate
Step.1: Once Draft Season is running, players can participate in the Draft event by
choosing one of the Draft Characters or player's originally owned characters.
- At the end of the Draft Season, the new season will be a fresh start after the
end period. (View Results)
- Characters in the character growth mode can also participate.

- For those who decided to delete their draft character, you can't participate
  in the same Draft Season. You have to wait until the next season.

- If you participate in the draft with an existing character, you cannot receive
STEP level compensation.

Step.2:  Increase the STEP level through daily, weekly, and season quests during the season.
Step Level:
- You can increase the STEP level with the experience you gain while participating
in the draft and completing the quest.
- At the end of the draft season, the available rewards vary depending on
the STEP level.
STEP Level Up Ticket
- Not available using points or Event Gkash

Draft Pass Ticket
- Available using points

Result Reward Changer
- Available using points
- Once user reached Lv.6, User can obtain character randomly and by
buying the result reward changer user can draw the character once again.

- Quest has different attainable experience values by difficulty level.
- The same mission cannot be duplicated.
- Weekly quests are initialized every Monday at 00:00.
- If you use the draft pass ticket item, you can proceed
with the season quest.

(Applies immediately when purchasing draft pass ticket items)
- Draft result rewards are only available for the end
(View Results) period.
- Draft compensation will be paid to the locker room.
- Transformation and parts characters will be paid with all of
their abilities or items in possession.

(However, Draft Golden, Violet, Cabernet, Nari, and Alazak will be paid
with only parts without transformation.)
- All character compensation will be paid with a change ticket, and
characters will be randomly changed among characters that can
be obtained by step level when using the change ticket.
- You can raise the STEP level by 1 when using the STEP Level Up Ticket item.

(The experience value becomes 0 when using the STEP Level Up privilege)

- FreeStyle2 Team