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Lettering Outfit Update

NO.16821 | Date: 2023-04-26 14:03:53

I don't like wearing the same clothes as others! I want to look different! 
Make your own uniform! Lettering outfits have been updated!

Known Issue!
There is a minor issue with Lettering Outfits when equipping and switching
with your other characters. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

Lettering Outfits

- You can obtain lettering outfits from the Tournament Shop
- You can use the lettering function to write your own text and select colors!
- When using the lettering function, You can make the first change for free.
   Afterward, lettering items will be required to make changes.
- Lettering outfits are divided into tops and bottoms. 
- Outfits with a "Pencil" icon on the bottom left can be used as lettering outfit.

a) Top: Jersey

b) Bottom: Leggings Shorts, Regular Shorts

* Before using the lettering function, the basic settings are as follows: Text: FS2,
  Color: White, Stroke: Black
* An error notice will pop up when clicking on the lettering function on
  unequippable outfits.
Lettering Items

- Use 1 Lettering Item to apply lettering one time.
- Lettering Items are shared within the account, and you can
have up to 999,999,999.

How to Apply Lettering

Step 1. Go to Locker and click on the lettering function of the Lettering Item.
Step 2. Select a lettering outfit and change the lettering and color settings.
Step 3. Click the “Apply” button to save settings.
* An error notice will pop up when clicking on unequippable lettering outfits.
* View options can be changed to show only the outfits without the character.
1. Lettering Settings
- You can use English, Korean, and Chinese characters as well as numbers for lettering.
- Special characters and spaces cannot be used.
* You can enter up to 12 characters.
* Banned words or names of the lettering outfits themselves cannot be used.
2. Color Settings
- You can select one of the displayed colors.
3. Lettering Trial
- Hover mouse over a lettering outfit to see the lettering trial button.
- Press the button to try the lettering function.

Lettering Outfit Preview:

- Freestyle 2 Team