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9th Anniversary: FS2 Dark Town Big Joe!

NO.16868 | Date: 2023-05-17 14:36:13

It's the time of the year once again. Today is our 9th Anniversary, and we would like
to thank all of our beloved ballers for your endless support!

We hope everyone will have a good time participating in the new events that
we've added today.

Event Period: 5/17 - 6/21

Aside from the events we have prepared, ALL users will get a 9th Anniversary
Package by simply logging in!

Once claimed, the 9th Anniversary Package will be delivered to your Gift Box.

The 9th Anniversary Package contains the following items:

Moreover, we have captured two clips showing the appearance of characters that
are equipped with the 9th Anniversary Hat, Sunglasses, Earrings, and the special
9th Anniversary Ball. Check these two out!

Along with the 9th Anniversary Package, you should also check our FS2 Dark Town event window!

*Can be accessed through the Event page at the Lobby

FS2 Dark Town consists of various events we have prepared for
our 9th Anniversary!

- Laboratory/Start-up Dash
- Big Joe Shop
- Draft Event
- Big Joe's Office
- Broadcasting Station
- Login Time Event/Gym

If you want to know how you can find lollipops, we have saved the guide about
finding lollipops through a recorded preview. In addition, lollipops can be exchanged
for items at Big Joe's Shop.

Preview of Events

Receive epic rewards for clearing missions during the event period. Please
make sure to claim your rewards by clicking the receive button everytime you
finish a mission.

Big Joe's Start Up Dash 1st Half Event Period:
5-17-2023 ~ 5-30-2023

Big Joe's Start Up Dash 2nd Half Event Period:
5-31-2023 ~ 6-20-2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please know that the progress you've made will be reset once
the 1st half of the event ends, and same goes for the 2nd half ot this event. Make
sure to claim all your rewards before the end of the 1st and 2nd half of the event.

Here's the preview of Big Joe's Shop for the 9th Anniversary of Freestyle2.

Big Joe's Coin Shop 1st Half Event Period:
5-17-2023 ~ 5-30-2023

Big Joe's Coin Shop 2nd Half Event Period:
5-31-2023 ~ 6-20-2023

Receive 1,000 lollipops for the first login, and 20 lollipops per regular
match(up to 10 times a day) during the event period.

During regular matches, your team can randomly obtain a maximum of 100
lollipops a day for every successful shot

IMPORTANT NOTE: Total number of purchase and owned lollipops will be reset
after the event. Use your owned lollipops during the event period of Big Joe's
FS2 Dark Town.

Big Joe's Character Parts and Event Gkash are both available in the shop!

*Big Joe's Character Parts is only visible in the shop while you are logged in with
the character Big Joe!






Here comes the Draft Season 5! It will start on 05/17 and will end on 07/12.

If you're looking for additional details, don't worry. We have a separate notice for
the Draft Season 5.

Here's the link to the notice of Draft Season 5: Draft Event Season 5

A portion of Big Joe of Lollipops' training stats and extra attributes are increased.
Furthermore, players can claim the free character coupon of Big Joe of Lollipops
by clicking the obtain button. There's no need to worry.

We have prepared a simple preview on how to claim this free character.

Please watch this guide.

We have also saved a sneak peek of Big Joe of Lollipops. Check this
awesome preview!

It's worth noting that everyone can get Event Gkash from the Login Time Event!
Don't waste this great opportunity. Spread the news with your friends!

Once you've clicked the Broadcasting Station button which is located on the main
event window of FS2 Dark Town, users will be redirected to the official notice of the
9th Anniversary Celebration that we've posted on the Freestyle2 website.

For ease of access, this is the link to the 9th Anniversary Celebration notice:
FreeStyle 2: 9th Anniversary Celebration

Be sure to check each event and complete necessary missions in exchange
for awesome rewards!

We hope that everyone will continue to support Freestyle2, and we want to
thank our ballers for constantly dedicating your time for Freestyle2.

We can assure you all that we're continuously striving to produce exciting updates.

Enjoy gaming, and keep hustling!

- Freestyle2 Team