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Tournament Special League

NO.16878 | Date: 2023-05-26 16:54:25

Welcome to our Freestyle 2 Tournament Special League!

Conquer the court by defeating many of the best teams and
receive exciting rewards!

Tournament Information
- The tournament will be held three (3) times on June 3, 2023.
One (1) time per each server as a 16-round tournament.

- Event ends when the tournament winner is decided.

- Below are the schedule of the tourney for each server:
  1. Asia: 6 AM ~ 8 AM (PDT)
  2. EU: 12 PM ~ 2 PM (PDT)
  3. NA: 7 PM ~ 9 PM (PDT) 

- Players can participate in other servers (Asia, EU, NA) regardless of the 
server focus time.

During Asia Server Focus Time Tournament
- Players in the Asia Server that are participating in the event may earn the
Special Rewards.
- Players playing on the other servers (NA or EU) will not be able to earn the
Special Rewards.
- Coin Rewards will still be distributed regardless of server and tournament
focus time.
- The player's location or country does not matter, only where the player is 
currently logged in the server.
Participation Conditions
 - Bronze rank or above in the Ranked Game
 - The tournament consists of a 16 rounds, and a total of 48 players can take part.
1. Coin Rewards

The tournament will be open to ALL Server Regions and can
earn Coin Rewards.
2. Special Rewards

Players who are participating in the Tournament during the FOCUS TIME
of each server are eligible to be rewarded with Special Rewards.

*The personalized uniform reward for the winner will be distributed individually.
*The character name will be engraved on the back of the uniform.

Outfit Preview

Winner’s Personalized Uniform

Exclusive Tournament Outfit

Important Notes:
- Rewards will be distributed after the event ends.
The schedule will be provided separately.

- Duplicate participation will be not be considered for
multiple rewards. If a player participates multiple times in
the tournament, the player will be rewarded with only the
highest rewards they achieved during the tournament.

- Tournament Shop will close on June 6, 2023, 22:59 (PDT). So please
use your coins before this date!
- Character selection coupons will be sent after the winning team is
determined, and participants can specify their desired characters through
separate 1:1 inquiries.
- Choose 1 reward (Premium Sub Att x100 or Character Coupon x1) and contact
our support team at

Available Character Reward List:

- In case of match failure or disconnection due to PC/network issues,
it will be considered as a loss.
- If a system error occurs during the finals, the match may be held again
at a later time.
- Any other issues that arise will be addressed promptly, and any changes
or updates will be communicated through notices.
Time Table
1. Asia Focus Time

2. EU Focus Time

3. NA Focus Time

- FreeStyle 2 Team