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Lucky Crystal Shop

NO.18428 | Date: 2024-01-10 10:07:38

Lucky Crystal Shop revamps its way to FS2! Tons of items awaits.
Exclusive outfits, SPCs and other items are up for grab!

First Period 2024/01/10 00:00 ~
2024/06/18 23:59 (PST)
Second Period 2024/06/19 00:00 ~
2024/11/19 23:59 (PST)

- How to Use Shop -

- Shop Item Details

You can check your remaining Purchased Crystals, Free Crystals,
Mileage Coupons, and Category Coupons by hovering your mouse on the
Detail tab of the Crystal Shop.

- Character/Motion Mileage -

Don't miss out on our huge sale for Parts Character and Character Changers!

Exchange Mileage List

You can AUTO SELECT for faster selection of rewards or manually input
your desired rewards

Auto Select:

Manual Select:

You can freely choose what items,outfits, motions or SPCs you want by
choosing one of the tabs in the main menu of the event page.
By purchasing "Crystals" located at the top part of the event page screen,
you are now able participate in the Crystal Shop.

Crystal Prices:

Draw Preview

Guarantee Gauge
Select your possible rewards and the gauge will fill up as you draw.
When the gauge is full, you can obtain your selected reward randomly.

Misc Tab:
Want to complete your desired Card collection? Misc tab have it all! 

Character Tab:
SPC coupons? Character Enhancement piece or character parts?
Try your luck here!

Outfit Tab:
Dare to show your freestyle moves while flexing that awesome outfit?
Outfit Tab got you!

Banner Tab:
Time to shine! exclusive motion part up for grabs.

Package Tab:
Feel free to choose one of these packages for more items and rewards.

You can obtain Free Crystals and Category Coupons on certain available
packages, which can be used to draw.
Mileage Tab:
You can exchange various exciting items using Mileage Coupons in the
Mileage Shop section.
Accumulate Mileage Coupons whenever you use Crystals
(Purchased Crystals or Free Crystals).

Enjoy and we hope you get your desired items in the Lucky Crystal Shop! 

Thank you for your continued support.

- Freestyle 2 Team