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April Update and Improvements

NO.18572 | Date: 2024-04-03 09:10:41

Welcome to the latest improvements rolled out this April! 

This update focuses on refining your gaming experience with
several enhancements, ranging from
outfit previews to character attributes visibility.

Let's delve into the key features:

1. Outfit Preview Improvements

- You can find all the costumes available at the event in the costume
preview pop-up window.
- In the case of set costumes, you can check them by installing them
at once when previewing.

- However, if you try to fit an outfit that cannot be fitted through
the costume preview, the Notification Pop-up will be exposed.

Added costume preview pop-up screen function:
a. Initialize Mounting
- The character will be reset to the outfit you are currently wearing.

b. History
- Save up to 30 recently previewed outfits.

c. Help
- A Description Tooltip is created during the mouse over.

d. Costume view area

- A character rotation function is added.
- Zoom-in and zoom-out are possible through mouse scrolling.

2. Outfit Grade Update

Introducing the All Star Grade to the existing outfit grades,
including Normal, Magic, Rare, and Legend.

3. New Outfit Set Update

Capability Set Costume Features
1. Installing all the capability sets will raise the set capability values.
2. Capability values are always applied before and after the game.
3. Switching characters are only applied to switching characters
in set costumes.

4. Training Mode

Refreshed Training Mode button for improved accessibility and usability.


- You can now set up to nine (9) recording presets.

5. Character Note Update

Gain insight into other users' attributes with the new character note feature.

Compare and strategize to dominate the game!

6. Improved Fancy Drive Master Majesty
The 'Fancy Drive Master' majesty improved. It has been corrected
to SG position as well.
Only the crossover SW Majesty are combined with the "Fancy Drive Master"
skill with the "Fancy Drive Master Enhancement"


These updates aim to elevate your gaming journey by providing
more convenience, customization options, and insights into the game world.
Dive in and experience the April improvements firsthand!

~ Freestyle 2 Team