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Training Mode Event!

NO.18580 | Date: 2024-04-05 07:07:38

How much do you know about the newly added Training System?

The Training System is a system that allows you to play and practice certain
that take place during regular matches.

Through the Training System, we hope that many players share their personal
tips and tricks and other unique strategy with others.

The GMs have prepared a special event to kick things off with the new Training

Check the information below for details regarding the event.

 Event Schedule
- Event Period:
04/05 00:00 to 04/21 00:00 (PDT)

- Winner Announcement & Reward Distribution:
During the Maintenance of

 Event Participation Requirements
- The event will take place through the Training Bulletin Board.

- Only the players who meet the following conditions for making posts on the
Training Board can participate in the event.

- We have prepared a total of four types of event rewards, and you can find out
how to participate in the events and collect their rewards from the information

→ How to Participate
A. Create your very own Training File containing your unique tips and tricks
B. Check if you meet the requirements to post or comment on the Training

C. Please refer to the screenshot above when participating.
The below information must be included.
- Select the appropriate position for the use in training
- The title of the training post must include the phrase: Event - topic
-Event - topic
- Please enter the following within each category of the post.
1. Training Method
2. Notes for Training
3. Producer’s Comments

**Note: Users who registered training before the event need to re-register
according to the form in order to participate in the event. 

We ask for your understanding as this is to inform many users of the training
information that contains know-how.
[Precautions for Event]
- You cannot upload another player’s Training File. The system will
automatically detect and block such attempts.
- You must follow the layout detailed in the [1. How to Participate] before
making your post in the Training Board for your participation to count.
- There are a total of 4 rewards, and the contents of the rewards are as
- Reward distribution is based on IDs. Aside from the Participation Reward,
a single ID cannot receive multiple rewards.

**Participation rewards are distributed by counting participation up to 20 times
per ID.

→ Winner Selection

A. How to Be Selected as the GOD of Training
- The GOD of Training is selected based on the following criteria.
1. Number of Likes Received from Other Players: 30%
2. Reflecting on the Opinion of the Developers: 70%
- The development team will verify each and every participating post and
conduct the event as fairly as possible.
- Issues that violate the Terms of Services, such as exploiting, will be dealt
with accordingly, and the severity of the punishment will vary depending
on the circumstance.

**Posts with the same content will be excluded from the selection.
B. Lucky draw
- 5 random players who participated in the GOD of Training event will
be drawn.
- In the case of Lucky Draw, the rewards will not overlap with the God of
Training rewards.
C. Participation Reward
- During the event, you will receive up to 20 rewards for the number of
times you participated in the event.
- Posts that do not comply with the method of participation detailed in
the guide will be excluded from participation.
- Insincere posts, posts that contain profanity, or posts that contain content
that violates the game’s Terms of Services will be excluded from participation.
D. Comment Reward
- Ten players who played and experienced another player’s registered Training
File, and leave a sincere comment based on their experience will be selected
for the Comment Reward.
- Abusive or profanely written comments will be excluded from the event.

→ Violating the game’s Terms of Services or not following the event rules,
may result in your removal from event participation.
→ Winner announcement and reward distribution schedule are subject to
change. Updates to the schedule will be listed in this notice.
→ Deleting the post you used to participate in the event during the
selection period may result in your forfeit from the event.
→ If you have any questions about the event, please contact Customer
We ask for your interest and participation in the new training event.
We look forward to seeing you enjoy FreeStyle2 to its fullest with this
brand new event!
Thank you for your continued support.

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

~ Freestyle 2 Team