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FreeStyle 2: 10th Anniversary Celebration Web Event

NO.18634 | Date: 2024-05-07 03:03:12

Greetings, Ballers!
Step right up, because it's time to celebrate a decade of dribbles, dunks, and
dazzling plays in FreeStyle 2! As we mark our 10th Anniversary, we're rolling
out the red carpet for all our incredible players!
To each and every one of you who has graced the courts, unleashed your
skills, and made FreeStyle 2 the vibrant community it is today, we extend
our deepest appreciation. Your passion for the game has fueled us to
continually raise the bar and deliver the best gaming experience possible!
Now, let's get down to the 10th Anniversary Celebration Web Event! 
Get ready to dive into five (5) exhilarating events, each packed with its own
unique mechanics and, of course, some seriously amazing rewards!

Please visit the bottom of this event page for the links of event

Let's check out the important links and details below!

YouTube Link: [LINK]

Check out the cool outfit for the Lucky 30 selected users!
*Please note that this outfit is tailored to a specific gender and can be worn
by Male characters 
Steel Gigasteel Outfit Preview (Male):


Check out this sneak peek of the epic Season Titles lineup from Freestyle 2
spanning a decade, from 2014 to 2024!
Season 2014 Title

Season 2015 Title

Season 2016 Title

Season 2017 Title

Season 2018 Title

Season 2019 Title

Season 2020 Title

Season 2021 Title

Season 2022 Title

Season 2023 Title

Season 2024 Title

Cross Puzzle #1 Google Sheet Link:  [LINK]

Cross Puzzle #2 Google Sheet Link [LINK]
*Please be aware that 30 chosen participants will be awarded the Iron
Gigasteel Set Outfit (Female) for the 1st Quiz, and another 30 selected
participants will receive the Iron Gigasteel Set Outfit (Male) for the 2nd quiz!

Steel Gigasteel Outfit Preview (M/F):

Fan Art Google Sheet Link: [LINK]
2024 FSC No. 1 Frame Preview

2024 FSC No. 2 Frame Preview

2024 FSC No. 3 Frame Preview
Here's a sneak peek of the outfit for the Lucky 30 slected users!
*Please note that this outfit is tailored to a specific gender and can be worn
by Female characters only.

Steel Gigasteel Outfit Preview (Female):

Join us as we honor the past, celebrate the present, and set our sights on an
even more thrilling future!
Thank you for your continued support.

Be free to create your own style, FreeStyle!

~ Freestyle 2 Team