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Devil's Tower

NO.18657 | Date: 2024-05-16 06:29:58

Are you ready to ascend to new heights?

Join us as we challenge you to climb the ominous Devil's Tower and bask in the
glory of your rewards! 

Event Period:
2024/05/16 00:00 ~ 05/29 00:00 (PDT)

[1] Purchase Stamina and climb the tower.

[2] Climb the tower to randomly obtain the items allocated to the levels.
[3] Climb up more levels at once to obtain more 'bonus steps'.
 You can climb additional levels depending on the amount of bonus steps.
 Moving 1 level does not grant bonus steps.
[4] Upon reaching the final level, you will randomly obtain one of the rewards set
with the same probabilty.
[5] Receive the final level reward to go back to level 1.
[6] Upon reaching the final level again, you will randomly obtain one of the
remaining rewards.
[7] If you obtain all of the level rewards for the first round, the rewards will be
replaced with a fixed list of normal items.
[8] From the second round, the list of items will be fixed and set with the same
→ Same items may be obtained again.

[1] Devil's Tower rewards are sent to the inventory by default.
[2] You can select a character and send all items collected in the inventory.
[3] If you want to send different rewards by character, you need to change
settings so that the items will be 'directly sent to the gift box' before starting the
[4] Please note that the settings will take effect after they are applied.

Step 1: Purchase the event resource “Stamina” to challenge the Devil’s Tower. 
Step 2: Use the purchased stamina to play the gacha and obtain the reward from
each level.
Step 3: You can draw 1, 10, 30, or 50 times.
Step 4: Obtain rewards from each level and reach the highest level!

 Bonus Steps add a certain amount of stamina.
 Additional chances may be granted based on the number of draws.
 Bonus Steps may be granted when drawing 1, 30, or 50 times.

→ Obtained rewards can be sent to the Adventurer’s Inventory (backpack)

or Gift Box directly.
 You can set where to send the rewards to from the event page.

[Devil’s Tower Event Reward Distribution Settings Screen]

Obtaining through Backpack

→ Up to 8 obtained items will be displayed in the Adventurer’s Inventory
 You can select a character and “send items to inventory”.
 If the rewards are left unclaimed until the event ends, the items will be sent
to the Gift box.
[Devil’s Tower Adventurer’s Inventory Screen – Storing in Backpack]

[Devil’s Tower Adventurer’s Inventory Item Distribution Screen]
Distribution to Gift Box

 Obtain items will be sent to the gift box immediately.
 You can view up to 8 items obtained through the Adventurer’s Inventory.
[Devil’s Tower Adventurer’s Inventory Screen – Sending to Gift Box]

 Up to 5 rewards are placed on each level, and you can randomly
obtain one of them.
 After you receive the reward on the final level, you will go back to the first
level and play again.
 After you have claimed all 5 rewards on the final level, “level 0” will be
unlocked where you can randomly obtain one of the rewards placed there.
 The Card Option Changer item obtainable through the Devil’s Tower event
allows you to change the sub attributes of the Allstar Cards (offense/defense).
> When you reach the final level, you will return to level 1 and play again.
> Rewards you obtain on the final level cannot be obtained again.
> Once you have obtained all rewards on the final level, you will randomly
obtain one of the rewards from level 0.

** Note: 
Click the link below for more information about Card Option Changer:

Check out the exclusive and exciting rewards when you reach 300 Floors!

Yellow Viper Outfit Package (M/F)

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? See you at the top!

Thank you for your continued support.
Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!
- Freestyle 2 Team