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Draft Season 12

NO.18695 | Date: 2024-06-05 06:59:01

Greetings and welcome to the Twelfth Season of the Draft Event!

We're thrilled to announce that our exclusive characters have been elevated
to Rising Characters in the FreeStyle2 Court.

2024/06/05 00:00 ~ 
2024/07/10 00:00 (PDT)


Draft System - Parts Character
→ Starting June 2024, the draft system has been reorganized to allow players to
receive Full Character instead of existing draft characters.
→ You can meet a total of 11 types of 100% parts characters, from Saru to

There are two (2) ways to participate in the Draft Event.

1. Choose from the selection and create a character.

Press the "Enter Draft" button and choose the participated Draft character
you prefer.

2. Choose any of your owned character

You can select any of your owned character to participate in the Draft Event
season by pressing the "Select Owned" button.

STEP level rewards cannot be received when you participate with your owned
character. But you can still do the quests (Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal) and
gain Draft Exp.


Character Parts Exchange Ticket List

Note: The exchanged Parts will be paid will be paid as a gift, and only
the corresponding character can be acquired.

Shoot Motion Parts Exchange Ticket Preview

To see the Character Parts details, please check out the links below:

→ Big Dog Character Parts Details
Here's a guide to the Sample Attribute for the Characters:

Mika's Basics [Basic Attribute]:
Mika Character's Mid Shot, 3pt Shot, Long Layup, Steal, Tussle, Block, Rebound,
Speed, and Stamina increase by +4 

→ 3pt Shot Att, +4
→ Middle Shot Att, +4
→ Long Layup Att, +4
→ Running Speed +4
→ Tussle Att, +4
→ Block +4
→ Rebound +4
→ Steal +4
→ Stamina +4

Mika's Basics [Extended Attribute]:
Mika Character's Mid Shot, 3pt Shot, Long Layup: range-up, Steal Speed, Manual
Block Range, Move:speed up, Stamina Max up , Stamina:recovery up increase by +2
→ 3pt:success%up +2
→ Mid,shot: success%up +2
→ Long Layup: range-up +2
→ Steal: motion +2
→ Stamina max up +2
→ Stamina: recovery up +2
→ Move: Speed up +2
→ Manual Block: Range +2

Unlock the Seasonal Quest using the Draft Pass Ticket

Gain Draft Experience and increase your STEP level by doing the quests
(Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal) or by purchasing the STEP Level Up Ticket.

Important Reminders:
* Even if you fail to achieve STEP 6 within the draft season period, you can
obtain rewards corresponding to the current STEP level
through [Receive Results in Advance].
(However, once rewards are received, further progress in the draft system
is not possible.)
* If you are below STEP 2, you cannot receive reward results.
* If rewards are not obtained during the draft period, you cannot
obtain result rewards.
* Characters participating in character growth mode are also eligible.
* Characters participating in the draft cannot be deleted.
* STEP level rewards cannot be obtained when participating in the draft
with existing characters.
* Daily, weekly, seasonal, and STEP rewards through the draft system
can only be received by characters participating in the draft and will be
provided to the locker room.
(Final result rewards can be obtained by all characters in the account.)
* Rewards for STEP level-up are automatically given, and a
reward notification popup window will appear.
* Selected rewards cannot be redistributed or exchanged.
* Experience points available depending on quest difficulty vary.
* Daily quests reset every day at 00:00.
* Weekly quests reset every Monday at 00:00.
* Draft quests can be undertaken with all characters held in the account.
* With the purchase of a draft pass, you can undertake seasonal quests.
(The draft pass takes effect immediately upon purchase.)
* When using a STEP level-up item, you can increase STEP level by 1.
(Experience points are reset to 0 when using the STEP level-up item.)


Get ready to experience Freestyle 2 like never before in Draft Season 12! 
Thank you for your continued support.
Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!
- Freestyle 2 Team