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June Update & Improvements

NO.18702 | Date: 2024-06-05 07:48:30

Here are the updates for the month of June 2024! The coverage of this patch
mainly focuses on Growth Mode and FS Regular Channel License.

We hope that these improvements will be beneficial for everyone. Make sure
to read the following information.

Event Period: 2024/06/05 00:00 (PDT) ~ 

Ready to take your game to the next level? Introducing the epic new addition
to Freestyle 2: the 
Growth Guide! 

Your ultimate roadmap to mastering the game, the Growth Guide is your
one-stop destination for all things Freestyle.

Located right at the character Lobby screen, this powerhouse
feature is packed with invaluable information on Characters, Skills,
Cards, Attributes, and so much more!

About Growth Guide:
→ The Growth Guide details the content required for Freestyle 2.
→ It introduces basic content to new users and tracks their progress.
→ For core users, the Growth Guide highlights any missing content.

Main Screen:

For more details about the Growth Guide, click this [LINK]

We have made improvements to the Regular (FS) Channel License. We're pleased
to inform everyone that once you've obtained the regular channel license, you will
receive three(3) START! Card Set Selection Boxes!

Here's a table showcasing the contents of the START! Card Set Selection Box.

In-game preview of the START! Card Set Selection Box.

→ You'll be able to obtain cards once you've acquired the FS Regular
Channel License.
→ When acquiring a license after the 6/5 (Wed) update, you will receive a
congratulatory reward.
If you acquired the license before the 6/5 (Wed) update, you will not receive
the congratulatory reward for license acquisition.

We've prepared a table containing all the cards that can be obtained from
the START! Card Set Selection Box. Please refer to the details below.

Obtainable Card Sets

We hope that this latest patch will make your gaming experience much better
and more enjoyable as you progress further.

We're grateful for your continued support.

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

- Freestyle2 Team