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User Interface Update

NO.13363 | Date: 2021-01-20 04:42:39

Greetings Ballers,

Are guys ready for the new and improved Freestyle2 user interface?

Check the information below:

I. Character Selection Screen

1. Special Character List

- List of all SPC of Freestyle2. Each character was organized based on their team names.

2. “Borrow the Ultimate Character Prepared for You” button.

-  “Back to the Court! Return!” event screen will appear once you clicked the “Borrow the Ultimate Character Prepared for You” button.

3. Booth Camp

- where you can send three of your characters to training to gain experience even when you are playing a different character or offline.

4. Selected Character information

- Information of your selected character will appear here

a. Selected Character’s Name
b. Selected Character’s Level
c. Selected Character’s Position
d. Selected Character’s EXP
e. Selected Character’s Crew Name
f. Selected Character’s Title

5. Selected Character

6. Street war event

7. Achievement Room

8. Gift box

- Gift box filters, sorting, and receiving selections are added.

a. Filter 

- Sort the gift box items based on the category
- consists of the main filter and the sub-filter

b. Sort by date

- Sort the items in the gift box based on the date of acquisition or expiration

c. Checkbox Selection

- Checkbox is added in gift box screen that will allows user to select multiple items at the same time
9. Quest

10. Character Selection

- Character Position Filter is added. 

- Only the characters that match the selected position will be shown in the Select Character Window

II. Game Lobby

. Channel Selection
- This will allows you to select which game modes (Channel) you want to enter.

2. Server Time
3. Icon Drawer

– where you can find the icons such as golden bell, sponsor, VIP, lucky time, Grace Secret Wallet etc. event icon

4. In-game Event List

5. Play Guide

6. On-Air Match/Spectator Mode

7. Guide
8. Lord of Street Event UI
9. Megapass Progress Window

New UI for each Features Preview:

A. Shop

- Shop has recommendation tab where you can find the suggested event that is best for you.

B. SPC List

C. Growth and Actions

D. Workbench

E. Char

F. Community

G. Locker

You can add mark your item as favorites.

There is also a favorites tab in the locker so you can easily access your favorites item.

H. Rank

How to start a match?
Click Main Game

Or you can try the tutorial or Challenge! Click Practice.

We hope everyone will enjoy the new and improved FreeSyle2 Street Basketball!

- FreeStyle 2 Team