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Savior of the East "Nari" Release

NO.13385 | Date: 2021-02-02 23:31:13


Nari is a 15 year-old middle school student. Nari is a bright student. but something about her is different
to that of her schoomates.
Athletically, she is exceptionally gifted. And every week, she prays ~ very sinceerely ~ to the GOd that
her family servers.
Using the power given by God, Nari is able to perform outstanding abilities that are incredible for her age.
However, Nari does not overuse or abuse the powers given to her. It's because the powers that she harnesses
where given to her to fulfill the duties of God. But of course, she didn't relieze this until recently.
One day, while she was praying. Nari found the "Damaged Sacred Text" at the altar by coincidence. 
'FreeStyle 2 Competition Team Savior ...' Due to the intense erosion that the book has suffered over the
ages, the text was illegible. Then, she heard a voice in her head.
"Savior of the East..."
Nari was taken back.The voice that she heard wasn't an ordinary voice.
"Perhaps, I'm the Savoir of the East?" To find more clues to figure out the situation that she encountered,
Nari decided to enter the FreeStyle 2 competition under the name, 'Team Savior'.
Using the holy powers given to her by God himself, Nari has powerful abilities and the potential to 'awaken'.
Team Savior's Savior of the East, 'Nari'. Her destiny as an angel of God begins now!

Nari has two different transformations. 

Normal Transformation (Space Button)

Transformation Normal/Majesty (E Button)

Normal                                                                           Majesty

Transformation Normal/Majesty (Q Button)

Normal                                                                           Majesty

You get to choose +8 to any additional attributes as a Bonus for obtaining
Nari/Nari Majesty!

Nari has 3 passive effects that will really help you to win matches. Acquire +15 Training Points
when you create any Nari character, The strength to respond to the calling that provides +8
additional attributes and the Savior of the East, Nari that gives her additional stats during
the match when she transformed.
Aside from bonus stats, Nari has cosmetic items and her own All-Star World
Card Set!

*Please note that can only add additional attributes on the Outfit and Shoes. 
You may receive a set of cards randomly.
Nari takes possession of 4 Ceremony, 9 Exclusives Motions and 4 Awakening Motion

She utilizes the use of her transformation inside the court.

The character can change his attributes when transforming,
the attributes depends to the transformation.
The 3 different transform have their own different stat attributes depends
on the position of your Nari character.

Sample Awakening Attributes:

- FreeStyle 2 Team