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Razak's Arrival

NO.13515 | Date: 2021-04-21 17:13:49

The Savior of the West 'Razak' A barren Mesopotamian wasted land.

Young Razzaq remembers. The appearance of locust swarms, endless famine,
and the scorching sun made life difficult in this area. 

Blinded by their hardships, the people abandoned their true one and only god
and began worshipping a false idol.

During this chaos, the young Razzaq prayed and prayed. Having endured all the
hardships and staying loyal to his God, Razzaq heard a voice from above.

"All has been done. I will grant you a mission. Read the sacred text and follow it."
After briefly hearing the voice, Razak felt energized and hungerless. He held
and stared into the sacred text. A few days later, Razak changed into clean robes
and began traveling to spread the gospel.

He shared the wealth of the rich to the poo; money that was unfairly taken through
abuse of authority. However, the number of people who worshipped the false god
was far too overwhelming for him.

Razak looked into the sacred text once more. 

"Freestyle 2 Competition... Team Savior..."

The Book was severely damaged and the words were hard to make out. However,
it seemed quite certain that the solution to Razzaq's problem was held in FS2.
To meet other saviors and to save even more people... Razak heads towards
the FS2 competition.

He has the powers of enhancing his physical body to the very extreme - while at
the same time having a very flexible body.

Team Savior's Savior of the West 'Raza'... His mission continues

Normal Transformation (Space Button)

Awakening Transformation (Q/E): 

You get to choose +8 to any additional attributes as a Bonus for obtaining Razak's SPC.

Razak has 3 passive effects that will really help you to win matches.

Acquire +15 Training Points when you create any Razak character.

The strength to respond to the calling that provides +8 additional attributes and the Savior of the West,

Razak that gives him additional stats during the match when he transformed.

Aside from bonus stats, Razak has cosmetic items and his own All-Star World Card Set!

Exclusive Effects:

Razak takes possession of 4 Ceremony, 9 Exclusives Motions and 4 Awakening
He utilizes the use of his transformation inside the court.

The character can change his attributes when transforming, the attributes depends to the transformation.
The 3 different transform have their own different stat attributes depends on the
position of your Razak's character.


Exclusive Motions: 

Transform Effect:

Awakening Effect: 

Sample Awakening Attributes:

Transformation Help:

Awakening Help:

Character Settings:

- Freestyle 2 Team