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November Patch Improvements

NO.14816 | Date: 2021-11-17 01:26:06

Hello, Ballers!

Here are some improvements that will be implemented during today's Patch!

Kindly check the details below.

Hermit Super Quest & 5 in 7 Event Improvements

- Now, users can get Event Gkash reward upon completion of Event/Mission requirements!

Card Stress Relief

- Card Creation - Upgrade Event is no longer available starting from November
Patch since we have removed the slot written as "Upgrade Event" for both
All-Star Pro Card and All-Star World Card

My Pick Mileage Page

- Now in our My Pick Event, users will be able to access the Mileage exchange page from the My Pick Event UI.

Magic Balls Improvement

- We have removed the animation that shows the Basketball Post and rim for your convenience

Ranking Page Improvements

- The Ranking page (Overall & Character) displays only a limited number of eligible users (200 of Character ID included in the Top Rank).
- Now we have extended the list to show 500 Character IDs

United Server Roulette UI Improvements

-  A specific reward button will be added to easily access and claim your rewards!
- Revamped Roulette design has been implemented

Card Upgrade Spray changes

- Users will no longer acquire Card Upgrade Spray from the Item Shop and Point Ball
- Card Upgrade Spray Exchange system is back
* Users can exchange their existing Card Upgrade Spray for a regular Sub-Attribute item


The bottom part of the exchange window basically calculates
the remaining Card Sprays and Sub-Attribute you will have
after the exchange (based on the number of both items you have in possession)

For your reference, here's the required number of Sprays you need

1,000 Pieces of Card Upgrade Spray = 1 Sub-Attribute Changer

Thank you for your understanding!

Card Material Display Improvements

- An indicator is now added to inform a user if he/she have the prerequisite
Card upon trying to create their preferred Card

Rookie & Returnee Benefit Event Improvements

- Say Goodbye to difficult Missions and say Hello to the new and easy set of Missions!