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My Personalized Package

NO.18344 | Date: 2023-12-05 21:43:33

We are thrilled to introduce a fantastic opportunity for you to create your
very own Custom Package, tailored to your preferences and desires!

This exclusive event will allow you to handpick five items from a curated
selection and unlock amazing discounts!

Event Period: 
2023/12/06 00:00 ~ 12/19 23:59 (PST)

Event Mechanics:

1. Select the 5 items that you want!
You have the power to choose the products that suit your needs and style. 

2. The selected items will go My Personalized Package slots!
Our catalog boasts a wide range of high-quality items, and the ones you
select will be displayed in your Custom Package.

3. Activate the "Jackpot Chance":
Once all 5 items have been added, the "Jackpot Chance" button
will become active.

4. Try Your Luck with the "Jackpot Chance"!
Click the "Jackpot Chance" button to take your chances.

*The minimum and maximum discount range is proportional
to the total price of the selected items.
*The discount rate is determined with equal probability in 1%


5. Check and Confirm!
Review the item quantity and discount rate. When you're satisfied,
the purchase button will become active, allowing you to buy the package.

6. Resource Use for Reset!
If you wish to try your luck again, you can use resources to reset
the item quantity and discount rates for the "Jackpot Chance."

*Shop Mileage is earned from Jackpot Chance.
7. Item Removal!
If you decide to remove an item that already has an applied quantity
and discount rate, the item quantity and discount rate will be reset.
8. Purchase Limit!
Each account can purchase up to 10 My Personalized Packages.

9. Purchased Item will be sent to Gift Box!

But wait, there's more! Here are the cool outfits that you can obtain!

Sailor Outfit Preview

Jianghshi & Exorcist Preview

Oriental & Tuxedo Swimsuit Preview

Cat Ninja Preview

Pajama Party Outfit Preview

Dance with Preview

Greece Outfit Preview

Sexy Black Swimsuit Preview

Blue Outfit 

Ninja Outfit Preview

Hair Accessory Collector ver.01 Preview

Hair Accessory Collector ver.02 

Fx Meteor Jam 4:

Fx Like a Bird 4:

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to create your dream package at a
fraction of the cost. 

Get ready to select, save, and savor the joy of your custom package!

- FreeStyle 2 Team