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The Forgotten, Tristia Update

NO.18482 | Date: 2024-02-07 07:18:18

In the bustling realm of Freestyle 2, a new character emerges.

Meet Tristia, a unique character in Freestyle 2, born from the rare mix of angels and demons. 
Tristia carries an extraordinary legacy, showcasing a blend of heavenly purity and demonic allure. 

Born from love, she blossomed into a kind soul, the heart of childhood bonds.
Yet, shadows stirred, turning her need for recognition into obsession. Envy
birthed a storm that shattered her world.
A hidden group spread rumors, turning friends into tormentors, leaving her in
profound isolation. In her despair, dormant celestial powers awoke—a gift from
her mysterious lineage. But strength couldn't heal her emotional scars.
Corrupted by the past, her awakened state saw tragedy in her existence.
Affection became her adversary, and she withdrew into loneliness.
A mysterious letter, however, unveils a new chapter.

Character Unique Effect:

-> The Forgotten
Obtain Transform attribute
(You can choose 1 during 3 type of transformation attribute)

You can choose your preferred attributes based on your preferred position.
Below is the preview on how to unlock Tristia's potential inside the
court of FS2.


- You can choose 4 constant abilities and 2 transformation abilities.
- You acquire high abilities constantly, regardless of before or after transformation.
However, the transformation abilities will have lower stats.

- You can choose 5 transformation abilities.
- You only acquire the selected abilities during transformation.
- During transformation, you can acquire more abilities than the 'ability style'.


- You can choose 1 skill and 5 transformations.
- During transformation, you can acquire the selected skill,
but you will get a weaker transformation.
- Each skill can be used only a certain number of times.

* You can choose one transformation only skill.

- Users can enhance the BASIC MOTIONs by earning main motion points and sub-motion points.

Dribble & Jump Shot

Short Layup & Short Dunk

Long Layup & Long Range Drunk



Ohh-Ahh! & Tyrannical Power

Pre-action: Zero Two 

- When creating the Tristia character, you are given 3 Enhancement
Motion points and 5 Sub Motion points. You can use these points to select
the character's motions.
- You can use 'Enhancement Motion' points to select motions corresponding
to 'Enhancement Motion' or exchange them with 2 Sub Motion points.
- You can use 'Sub Motion' points to select motions corresponding to 'Sub Motion'.
- The selected motion is set as the character's default motion.
- If there are no motions to select, you can use 'Sub Motion' points
to make a selection.
- You can set and save motion information through User Info >
Character Settings > Motion Settings.


Jump Shot Fake  & Jump Shot Fade

Long Dunk & Long Layup

Short Dunk & Short Layup


Baseball Pass & Block and Catch

Chest Pass & Diving Catch Foot

Diving Catch Hand & Drift Shot

Drive Speed & Fade Away

Power Block & Power Rebound



What are you waiting for? Bring Tristia on board now and rule the Freestyle Court.
You may get her by participating the event below:

- Freestyle 2 Team