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2024.03.20 1st Balance Patch

NO.18542 | Date: 2024-03-20 06:24:30

Greetings Ballers,

This is the Freestyle 2 Development Team.

The March 20th (UTC) update will be accompanied by a Balance patch.

The March balance patch will serve as a conceptual framework for preparing in
advance for the extensive balance patch scheduled for July.

Any issues that arise from this patch will be hotfixed promptly.

Please check the information below for details. And once again, we ask you for
your feedback and opinions regarding the balance changes.

- After the maintenance, 100,000 points were paid to all accounts and the
majesty of point guard (PG) and dual guard (DG) positions were initialized.
- Please check if the item is received and the majesty is applied before the
game is played.

Our Goal

The continual objective of Freestyle 2's development team is to increase and
enhance the opportunities for players to excel in their designated roles.

By alleviating the pressure on the scorer position and promoting effective
defensive plays for ball handlers, as well as creating diverse rebounding
situations for big men, 
we wish to encourage everyone to perform their roles to
the best of their abilities and foster the occurrence of various scenarios.

To achieve this objective, our plan involves fine-tuning the game's balance
during the Classic Court Event and subsequently validating these adjustments
through extensive in-game testing.

Ahead of the extensive patch scheduled for July, we are preparing by
pre-adjusting the efficiency of each attribute and resistance values in
March to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any dissonance with the
planned large-scale balance patch. 

Moving forward, we will continue to strive to provide a more enjoyable
gameplay experience by diligently preparing through various balance
adjustments facilitated by the Classic Court.

1. Regular Match Adjustments
- Resistance from defenders against all shots will increase by 6%.
- Shot Trajectory probability will be adjusted.
- Big Man’s shot success rate reduction based on distance will be slightly
- The criteria for receiving score buffs when experiencing consecutive losses
will be removed.

2. Attribute Adjustments
- Block and Rebound attributes’ effect will be slightly reduced.
- A new feature will be added to the Tussle attribute.
- When resisting against Big Man, get up to 6% (approximately) resistance
based on the difference in Tussle attribute.
(1 Block Resistance difference: 0.11% increase)
 - For the other targets (Scorer, Ball Handler), get up to 5% (approximately)
resistance based on the difference in Tussle Attribute.
(1 Block Resistance difference: 0.025% increase)
 - Positions aside from Big Man (C, PF, CT) will not have their Move Speed
attribute affect their Box Out Speed.
 - Big Man (C, PF, CT)’s Tussle attribute will increase their Box Out Speed.

3. Addressing the Issue: Blocking Player Movement
- You will fall over when making contact with an opposing character while
using the Pick and Move skill.
- Using dash to push away an opponent will reduce your stamina by 70%.
- You cannot use dash to push away an opponent if you have less than 70%
(The dev team will monitor the game to check if this change can be abused
by attackers)

4. Skill Adjustments
- The Perfect Pass skill for the PG position will be removed.
- Your stamina will not recover for 2 seconds after using the Away Screen
Move skill.

5. Specialty Skill Adjustments
- Fake Shot Steal’s success rate increase specialty skill will be slightly buffed. 
- Upon using the Hook Hook Defense specialty skill, Ankle Break will not
apply for Fake Shot Drive.
- Hook Shot & Skyhook Shot Range Increase specialty skill’s maximum distance
will be reduced.

- ‘Mid.Shot:  Motion Speed ’ stat will be added to some defensive specialties for
Big Man
(C, PF, CT).
- ‘Jab Step and Shoot Delay’ +1 will be added to SG Position’s majesty skill.

- The Perfect Pass specialty skill for the DG position will be removed.
- The Perfect Pass Upgrade specialty skill for the PG position will be removed.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Be free to create your own style, FreeStyle! 
- Freestyle 2 Team