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Miracle Mine

NO.18546 | Date: 2024-03-20 06:28:24

Dive into the depths of adventure with Freestyle 2's latest event: Miracle Mine! 

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey filled with mystery and excitement
as you unearth hidden treasures waiting to be discovered!

Event Period:
2024/03/20 00:00 ~ 2024/04/16 23:59 (PDT)

Step into the shoes of a seasoned miner and follow these simple steps to
uncover the riches that lie within:

1. Navigate to the Miracle Mine page through the event banner located in the
2. Set up your miners in the miner's quarters and start extracting ore.
3. Delve deep into the mine and collect various ores to obtain Gold bars and
Ancient keys. 
4. As you mine through each stage, advance to the next level of challenges. 
Note: You can clear up to 9 stages in 1 season.
5. Visit the Miracle Shop and use your Gold bars to exchange them for a
wide array of items. 
6. Use the ancient keys you've acquired to unlock ancient boxes filled with
mysterious treasures.

- When mining is in progress, the time remaining until mining is completed
is displayed.
(Mining only takes place when connected to the game. When offline, mining
is stopped.)
- When the remaining mining time reaches “0”, the object to be mined is
deleted and the reward item is dropped.

The season runs from Wednesday to Wednesday for 7 days.
1 Season consists of 9 stages.
Season Event Duration
1 2024/03/20 00:00 ~ 2024/03/26 23:59 (PDT)
2 2024/03/27 00:00 ~ 2024/04/02 23:59 (PDT)
3 2024/04/03 00:00 ~ 2024/04/09 23:59 (PDT)
4 2024/04/10 00:00 ~ 2024/04/15 23:59 (PDT)
Seasonal adjustments
-  Miner's Lodge Level reset
-  Delete miners active in the mine
-  Reset stage clear count

Season End Notice preview:

Miners are produced over time in the miner's lodge and are stored there.
- Production works only while connected to the game.
Note: Mining stops when offline
Production and storage of miners will only work up to the maximum storage
Miners can be placed in the mine by pressing the "Place" button.
When deployed, the miner's lodge gains experience and levels up.
Note: As it levels up, the level of the deployed miners also increases.

Miner Information:



Each mine has a maximum number of miners that can be operated, and the
number of miners cannot exceed that.

Miners can perform actions such as:
- Mining objects: Gold ore, Key ore, Treasure chests, etc.
- Leveling up: combining two of the same miners to level up
Note: Combining reduces mining time.


When miners are placed near an objective, they automatically start mining.
- If there are more than two objectives nearby, the mining direction can be
changed through drag & drop.
When mining, the time remaining to complete the action is displayed in
- Mining can only be done while connected to the game
Note: mining stops when offline

When the remaining mining time reaches "0", the target objective is removed,
and reward items are dropped.
Dropped items are obtained by placing a miner at the item's location or clicking
on it.
Note: High-Level Key ore can disappear after a certain period of time.
Your in-game data may not save properly if you close the game abruptly.


Various mining objectives can yield Event currency.
- Ore: Gold bars
- Key ore: Ancient Keys

The acquired items can be used for various purposes.
- Gold bars: Exchanged for various products in the Miracle store
- Ancient keys: Used to unlock ancient chests and obtain them

- You can obtain Gold bars when mining Ore, and the Gold bars you acquire
are applied to your Acquired quantity.
- The Gold bars you acquire can be used at the Miracle Shop.

Special Ore: 
- When mining Special Ores, you can obtain a large amount of Gold bars from
the Gold bar Pouch.
- Gold bars obtained through the Gold Bar bag can be used at the Miracle Shop.
- Rewards are sent on the Gift box.

Key Ore:
- You can obtain Ancient keys when mining Key ore, and the acquired Ancient
keys are applied to your Acquired quantity.
- High-level key ores will be deleted if they are not mined within the time limit.
- The acquired Ancient key can be used to open the Ancient chest. 

Treasure Chest:
- You can obtain various items when mining Treasure Chests.
- Rewards are sent on the Gift box.

List of Items that you can obtain from Treasure Chest: 

List of Items that you can exchange from Mystery Ore:

Mystery Ore Selection Preview:



Place miners at the Key ore to obtain keys.
Note: Obtained rewards will be sent to the Gift Box.
You must obtain the previous chest to get the next one.

You can use the Gold bars you have to exchange items at the Miracle Shop.
- Exchanged items will be sent in the Gift box.

- New users [accounts created after the maintenance on 3/20 (Wed)]
will receive 250 gold bars when they log in everyday.
- Returning users [accounts with no log-in history in the past 30 days]
will receive 100 gold bars when they log in everyday.

Rep. Section:

Outfit Section:

Card Section:

Equipment Section:

Pieces Section:

Other Section:

- Rewards obtained from the Miracle Shop and Ancient Box will be sent to the
Gift box.
- You can clear up to 9 stages in 1 season.
- The season runs for 7 days, from every Wednesday 00:00 to
Wednesday 00:00 (PDT).
- When the season changes, the miner accommodation level and stage clear
count will be reset and miners active in the mine will be deleted.
Dive in now and uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of the mine.
Are you ready to become a legend? Let the mining begin!
Thank you for your continued support.
Be free to create your own style, FreeStyle!
- Freestyle 2 Team