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Newbie/Returnee Exclusive Event (Eugenie, Magenta & Prussian Update)

NO.18619 | Date: 2024-04-24 08:23:46

We are excited to announce that the Fantastic Duo: Prussian and Magenta,
have arrived! Additionally, Eugenie is also tagging along!
Whether you're a seasoned returnee or a brand-new player to the game,
this event aims to provide you with an opportunity to experience the
excitement of embodying these characters!
So buckle up and prepare to dive into the excitement!
Event period:
2024/04/24 ~

Fantastic Duo: Prussian & Magenta
Unleash the Dynamic Duo: Prussian & Magenta Special Sale Event for
new and returning players!
Get ready to dive into action because Prussian & Magenta are back,
and they're better than they've ever been!

Step 1:
[1] To acquire the "Gear of Mystery Might," simply click the [Purchase] button
during the PrussianXMagenta Draw event.
[2] Use the obtained 'Gear of Mystery Might (currency)' to participate in the
x1, x10, and x50 Character draws.
Step 2:
[1] Mileage acquired can be traded for items in the 'Exchange Shop'.
[2] In case you're unable to acquire any Character coupons, you have the option
to try obtaining the characters via the Exchange feature.

- Purchased Products and Exchanged items are sent to your Gift Box.
- Products on sale cannot be purchased with Event Cash.
- Some products are exclusively available for purchase with the
"Prussian" and "Magenta" characters.
- Crafting materials will be applied immediately to your account.

Item Previews:



Pick Up Summon: Eugenie

Eugenie has arrived! Whether you're a seasoned returnee or a brand-new player,
make sure to seize the opportunity to catch her!

This is your chance to acquire a one-of-a-kind character like
Eugenie during this Pick Up event.

If you're aiming to acquire Eugenie, it's important to note that she can be
obtained through two different methods: either by using
summoning tickets or through the exchange shop.

Prices of Pick Up Summon Tickets

Buy PICK UP Summon Tickets and use those tickets for a chance to win Eugenie
character coupon!

Exchange shop

We've prepared a table showcasing the valuable packages of Eugenie's
Exchange Shop.

EV Outfit Package:

EV Outfit Preview:

You can exchange your Mileage points for Eugenie Character Package or any
other items that you prefer as long as you meet the exchange requirement.

Note: One(1) mileage point can be earned by using one
PICK UP Summon Ticket.

Why wait any longer? If you're a seasoned player, seize the opportunity to
revisit the game! And for newcomers, it's your moment to shine by
delving into the game with these characters!

Thank you for your continued support!
Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!
- Freestyle 2 Team