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Parts Character Special Event

NO.18671 | Date: 2024-05-22 02:41:10

Calling all aspiring stars to step into the limelight with our 
exhilarating Parts Character Special!

Are you ready to forge your path to greatness and become a
legend in the making? Here's your chance to shine brighter than ever before!

2024/05/22 00:00 ~ 06/05 00:00 (PDT)

Experience the thrilling opportunity to handpick your very own Parts Character
and hop on an epic journey of growth and glory!

These premium characters come fully equipped with ultimate character cards,
powerful freestyles, skill slots, and more, setting the stage for your
rise to greatness.

Step 1: Choose and create a character from 11 unique types of Characters
during the event period.

Step 2: Once your character is set, proceed on exciting missions to score
awesome rewards.

Step 3: Power up your character with parts, cards, costumes, and more by
completing missions!

Select your character, review the details!

Distributed Items:
- Click on the 'Distributed Items' button to view the generous support provided
to every 
Parts Character Special!
- Explore the Ultimate-class cards available for the featured characters!
- Discover the items provided upon character creation!

Check Info:
- Click on 'Check Info' to review the character description, Character Parts Effect,
Unique Effects, and exclusive Motions.

Craft your character with care, knowing that every choice shapes your destiny.

Note: While the featured characters may have limits in certain attributes,
transformations, and ceremonies, their potential knows no bounds!

Hop on a quest for greatness and watch your Parts Character Special soar to
new heights! 
Complete a variety of quests, from logging in regularly to
dominating matches, 
and earn valuable rewards along the way.

Special Quest awaits, opening doors to even greater rewards and challenges!

Equip "Parts" items to permanently boost your character's attributes and
unlock a treasure trove of exclusive rewards. From powerful cards to
unique items, the possibilities are endless! Seize the moment and claim your
rewards before time runs out!

Note: Quests will be bound to each account, and the quest rewards
can only be received by the created Parts Character Special only.

[C, PF, CT] The Guardian of Box

[SF,SW, SG] Extravagant Score

[PG, DG] Wizard of Defense

Shoot Motion Parts / Extra Attribute Parts / Basic Attribute Parts

Requiem Firefighters Outfit (M/F)

Mint Outfit (M/F)

Feel free to check the Event Information below for any questions
you have in mind!


Ready to take center stage? Let the Parts Character Special be
your ticket to greatness!

Be free to create your own style, Freestyle!

~ Freestyle 2 Team