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2023.09.25th Patch notes

NO.18222 | Date: 2023-09-26 12:21:25

Greetings Ballers,
Please check out the notes below for the details of the game update today!

1. Team The Forgotten: Eugenie Arrival

A dynamic newcomer has graced the court – none other than Eugenie.
While beauty may be a matter of perspective, Eugenie's captivating presence is universally acknowledged.
With her stylish short hair and eyes that sparkle with a vibrantspectrum of colors, her charm is truly magnetic.
2. September Improvements

Hello Ballers, We would like to share with everyone about the improvements that have
been made during the month of September 2023.

3. Collection Event

Collect Shining Moon Pieces and exchange amazing outfits and items!

4. Eugenie's Pick Up Event

Eugenie has arrived! Catch her while you can!
This is the perfect time to obtain a unique character like Eugenie! You can get her through this Pick Up event.
5. New character: Eugenie Special Web Event!

Team Forgotten One has arrived in Freestyle 2! Meet Eugenie at our special event!

6. Eugenie! Start Up Dash

Do you want to earn spectacular rewards while dominating the FS2 Courts? We got you!
7. Access Time Event

Get rewards just by logging in on a specific amount of time! 
8. 5 in 7 Event

Looking forward to something special? We got you covered!
Simply log in every day for 5 days and get fabulous rewards!
The 5th Day reward is for you to find out what's inside the Box.
9. Grace's Unique Secret Box

Get Legendary Tier rewards via Grace's Unique Treasure Box!
10. Generous Tree

The Generous Tree Event arrives bringing gifts to everyone!
Here is your chance to acquire awesome items!
11. Let's Get It

The 'Let's Get It' event is now open! Purchase a Track now and receive random
You will have a chance to obtain awesome rare items!
12. Mega Rush Event

Level up, win matches for a whole month and receive awesome rewards!
13. Thrift Shop Gacha Event

The Thrift Shop is now open! Explore new outfits and check them out today!
14. Twin Shop Event

Hikari and Yuzuki wants to start their career in being humble merchants!
They have set up their shop now in the streets of FreeStyle 2, check out their wares
and help them out fulfill their dream!
15. All Star Sub Att Package

It is now your chance to grab Allstar Sub Att Packages: 'Full Moon'
and 'Crescent Moon' packages at a 90% discount!
16. Green Skull's Package Purchase Event

Green Skull's Package Sale Event is back! Check out the Moon Rabbit Bountiful
Package at a 90% discount! You can also obtain the same package if you have
accumulated a total of 35 purchases from the event!
Thank you for your continued support!
- Freestyle 2 Team