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Winter Season Balance Patch 2017.12.20th

NO.7775 | Date: 2017-12-20 18:58:55

Hello Ballers!

Here are the details of the Winter Season Balance Patch.

Currently, Pass Fake is used only for confusing the remote lay up timing
> Developed with the goal of making it a skill that can actually resist interception 

Changes made:
1. Change Fake Pass motion to be similar to existing pass motion
2. Fixed S-button after Fake Pass to go out of link 
3. Change the activation key from the existing V key to V+S key
4. Once Baseball Pass Skill Equipped, Baseball Fake Pass enables with V+R
5. Fake Pass in place possible 
6. Fake Pass to Shoot-Off condition check 
The existing pass fake has been used only to interfere with long lay-up timing. 
We have modify this skill with the aim of making it a skill that can actually 
counter the intercept.
Improved pass fake motion because it is different from normal pass and
the opponent is not deceived. After the pass fake, use the S button to
make the connection pass out. 
In order to make pass fakes at the same spot, we changed from V key
to V + S key so that we can selectively use two for V + R when we
equip the baseball pass.
Since the change of the key made it difficult to connect after the pass fake, 
the condition of the shooting connection will be easier. 

Changes Made:
1. Downgrade Interceptor Decision Time
 -Attempting to intercept at a more prudent timing 
2. The success rate of intercepts decreases according to the ability
of the pass caster

**You can see that intercepting does not work if the timing of
modified motion and intercept are all off. 

Happens if there’s a defender in front of a user who is holding the ball
Changes Made:
1. Happens when the user who will receives the ball is open regardless 
of the user with the ball 
2. Intercept can be made, but only loose balls
-> Check the strength of the changed Kill Pass

The condition check for Kill pass activation was removed.
Before the modification, kill pass will be activated only when there
was a defender in front of a baller with  a ball. Now, Kill pass is
easier to execute depending on the new pass ability value.
In addition, interception is now possible and loose ball can be activated
once the KillPass is being defended since it's now more powerful.

It’s a new skill in stealing, called interrupt skill. It will be one of default actions. 
Intercept Skill:
-Avoid Keeping Play 
-Steal that can be lightly checked behind the ball holder
-When successful, loose ball or traveling happens
-Less risk taken than existing skill when fails
-The % of basic success is small, but increases proportionally as the
ball hog gauge rises

-System to Recommend Pass Play
-With ball possession, the ball hog indicator is on, increasing the probability of 
interrupt stealing when the indicator is full
(the probability of an ordinary steam increasing X) 

Changes Made:
 1. Increase Pass Speed according to Basic Pass Speed and Pass Ability
 2. Pass Distance increases according to pass ability value
A character with a high pass ability can induce a game with a faster speed.

Reduced Shot Debuff Range due to Screening
> Expect Team Play through Screen Play

Rolling Diving Catch -> Link to Shot
Giving advantage of Rolling Diving Catch

Additional Link 
After Rolling Diving Catch – Shot, 
 Pass-and-run can be linked after the pass during shooting
All links listed above can be used at once 

The relative balance of the Big in current star channels is generally
a good fit. We decided not to make big adjustments in this patch.
Since Dunk Block and Block catch were rarely used by Bigs, we have
decided to combine these two skills into one.

Lower the layup block success rate, slightly increase the dunk
success rate, and add the angle rule 

-Fixed the high layup block success rate that does not fit the direction
of the shadow block 
-Fixed a bug where keystrokes did not face the attack direction 

A. Increased movement speed attribute 
->Be more flexible about isolation tactics 
B. Decreased 3 point shot attribute 
-> Other Bigs expect space reduction to cope with isolation tactics
A. Lower the Pass difficulty and increase stamina consumption
-Since new PGs are having hard time to execute the skill, we have
lowered the Pass difficulty.
B. Double Clutch (Basic Skill Given) / Increase Lay Up Range Attribute
-Inside Kick-Out ball handler role recommended 

A. Fake Pass Skill will be added
-Inside Lay Up route and emphasize the aspect as ball handler

A. Added Dunk at Will (24lv equipped skill)
- Addition of route to finish in Inside after drive

B. Enhanced 3 pts shot phase/ 3pts Focus (24lv Equipped Skill ) Added
- 3 Point shot rate increase expected
1. Floater III 
Floater Success Rate Increase
- Provide stable 2 pt score 
2. Pass-Run
Increase pass-run range according to movement
speed attribute
-Pass-run skill buff, uses during off-the-ball situation
3. Drive & Cut I
Increase animation speed according to drive&cut
speed during drive
-Try to break even more with the ability to drive
4. Spin & Drive I
Increase stamina of spin move during break, edit
with input key V+A key
- Guides to use it more carefully because it is a skill
with strong balance 
5. Spin Move Layup I
Edit with Spin-Lay up V+A key 
-Modifying the trigger condition as the V key is changed
to a special key 

6. Tripping Prevention I
Activated only if there’s more than certain stamina 
-Applied to guard against the use of mixed drive skills

-Reduces the % of success in continuous steals
-Increase the time of ankle break recovery if there is less than
a certain level of stamina 
-Increase the range of the ankle break slightly
-Fixed the problem of pushing the character on the side hop step I
after the shot fake 
-When the defender is in normal movement, the 3 pt shot resistance
value is slightly decreased
-Changed Shadow Steal rate & time 24 sec.-> time 32 sec. (increased)
-Fixed a problem where it could not be stuck in a specific location
-Fixed a high probability that a game with a good score and a
game with no goal